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  • Zinc oxide for diaper rash treatment should show results within one day. After that time, if the skin does not show signs of improvement, the rash bleeds or becomes crusty, or if the child develops a fever, contact a healthcare professional. A healthcare professional can examine the diaper rash, determine if it is infected, and provide an effective, prescription strength remedy.

    Using zinc oxide for diaper rash is not always effective. Babies can develop a yeast diaper rash, which will not respond to treatment with traditional diaper rash remedies. These rashes are typically diagnosed by a healthcare provider and require an anti-fungal cream for treatment. Yeast diaper rashes are more painful than common, uncomplicated diaper rash.

  • Benefits to using for include the fact that it is readily available, generally well tolerated, affordable, and, for uncomplicated cases of diaper rash, effective. However, there are drawbacks to using zinc oxide for diaper rash. Zinc oxide doesn't work in all cases of diaper rash, and a delay in treating a complicated case of diaper rash while you use zinc oxide can allow the rash to worsen. Zinc oxide can also make a young child ill if ingested.

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