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Shiny Xerneas-EX - XY149 - Shiny Kalos Tins

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  • I love this card simply for its artwork. I love how Xerneas, which is already a great-looking legendary Pokémon, takes up the entire card, essentially breaking out of its display box. Speaking of breaking out, Xerneas EX features the attack Break Through, which does 60 damage to an active and 30 damage to a single benched one. It’s the perfect move to use between bouts of X Blast, which does 140 damage. Xerneas EX is a fairy type, which is only weak to steel types, an underused Pokémon type, meaning it will likely survive tons of attacks, making it a great card in the Trading Card Game.

    Below are some EX cards I have created for fun, which show us the potential greatness that could come from a Xerneas EX and a Yveltal EX.

  • Want to get your hands on a few of the Legends of Kalos tins featuring Yveltal EX and Xerneas EX? Well, you can in our giveaway! Two lucky winners will receive both of the tins! Each tin includes a Xerneas EX or Yveltal EX Promo card, 4 booster packs, and a code to unlock the Promo on Pokémon TCG Online. This is a great opportunity to start off a collection or get some cards for an awesome deck.

    New legendary Pokemon, Xerneas, will be the leader of the Fairy gang and also should be the main attacker for a Fairy-type deck. Xerneas EX can do 140 damage with X Blast and Breakthrough is an attack that can do 60 damage to the opponent’s active Pokemon and 30 to one benched Pokemon. Not only is the EX version of Xerneas impressive, the non-EX Xerneas card is also fantastic. For one Fairy energy, Xerneas can search the deck for two Fairy energy cards and attach them to two benched Pokemon. Not only is this card awesome for energy acceleration, but it can also hit for 100 damage for just three total energy.

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