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Belkin WaveRest Gel Wrist Pad for Keyboards, Black (F8E263-BLK)

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  • 12" tenkeyless keyboard users love these! ... Small mechanical keyboards such as Filco, Ducky, HHK and others, need a wrist rest that's nice and wide and not overly expensive. Most mechanical keyboard makers sell a wrist rest for a ton of cash and we just think that's a bit overdone. At the same time, we find that use a wrist pad in from of the built in wrist rest on laptops and MacBooks is way more comfortable for a couple of reasons. First, the Fat Wrist Pad 12 provides added ergonomic forearm support while typing. Second, we like the added wrist support when you move your hands down to use the touch pad on your laptop or MacBook (that is, if you index finger your touch pad like we do).The Fat Wrist Pad 12 is made from the same washable neoprene we use for all our Sli, Fat, and Big-Ass Wrist Pads. At ¾" tall, it’s got the height to create an ergonomic, neutral wrist position when typing on either a mechanical keyboard or a laptop computer. The Fat Wrist Pad 12 is a chunky 4" wide for a nice, wide forearm and wrist resting surface area. We find thinner wrist pads, like 2.5" gel or bead pads, too thin for a comfortable rest and difficult to postion because you can't place them right up against the keyboard with much comfort unless your hands are dinky. The Fat Wrist Pad 12 is worth a try if you're after a nice comfortable wrist rest at a reasonable price. p.s. Check out our Fat Platfrom Wrist Pad 12, which combines our Deck 13 lap desk and keyboard platform with the Fat Wrist Pad 12. It's a great way to allow you to move your keyboard and wrist pad down on to you lap or just extend it a bit off your work surface. Same goes for a other Combos in larger sizes or with Slim Wrist Pads.

    Comfort- it’s all in the wrist. That’s what you’ll experience with this sturdy, user-friendly lapdesk. Featuring ergonomically placed wrist pads to help prevent stress while typing, it also has an overstuffed lap cushion that protects you from the heat of a laptop. The convenient catch bar keeps pens and pencils from sliding off the desk, and the carrying handle provides easy transport.

  • We usually ship within a business day from when we receive your order and it usually takes 3-5 business days to scatter to your local. sure to check out our Slim Platform Wrist Pads, which combine a Slim Wrist Pad with a Grifiti Deck....great for move the keyboard down on to your lap or extending it a bit off your work surface.

    Heat this pair of wrist pads in the microwave or cool in the freezer (for mild cold). These wrist pads are connected with stretchy elastic to slip over hand and wrist or a velcro option. Body of the wrist pads are filled with rice and flax and measure approximately 6.5" x 3".

  • *****IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR WRIST PADS SCENTED, PLEASE LET US KNOW IN NOTES WHEN YOU CHECK OUT. We offer lavender or chamomile. You can purchase just one slip on wrist pad or a pair.

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