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MasterKidz Classical wooden balance bike with Soft seat and Storage bag - Red
Prince Lionheart Balance Bike
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Kidzamo Wooden Balance bike - Pink

Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike (Red)

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  • The pedeX wood wave wooden balance bike has safety grips on the handle bars. The cushioned impact protectors at the ends of the handle bars help protect children from injuries if they fall. Kids’ safety is further enhanced with the Allen key saddle post tightener, rather than a quick-release which we believe is one less thing to worry about in avoiding injuries with little fingers getting caught. The Germans agree with us, too.

    Start you child early with this Wooden Balance Bike. The wooden bike is designed to stimulate and train children at an early age, how to ride a wheel bike, whist fine tuning their gross motor skils, balance and coordination. The balance bike features a strong varnished wood construction and wide wheels so your child can learn to ride without the assistance of training wheels. This bike is suitable for children aged 3 and over and can support a maximum weight of 35kg. Teach your children to be active at a young age and kickstart their coordination through play.

  • The 14” front wheel makes the bike slightly higher than the standard 12” balance bike. As a result taller children (3 years and up or 89cm and taller) can maximise the use out of this stylish balance bike for a longer period than our 12” balance bike. The back wheel is a 12” fat wheel, giving the bike more grip, stability and an aggressive low-ride look and feel. The arrangement of the two different sized wheels also puts a funky twist to this stylish and beautiful wooden balance bike.

    I distinctly remember around Christmas-time, coveting a particular convertible wooden balance bike, that also came with a hefty price tag. Little did I know how vast my options were, or the difference in durability when it came to comparing brands.

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    This is the only wooden balance bike on the market that features a footrest strategically positioned where pedals would normally be. It’s also the only one that comes in a variety of colors painted with chalkboard paint — a neat little perk for the kiddos. We chose this one for the low price point compared to other wooden balance bikes of this caliber, because there are no spokes and the seat is adjustable, washable and cushioned. I particularly like the no air no maintenance biodegradable tires and the low instep. Abby at 21 months could still use it.

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10) Helps children with strength, coordination, and exercise – Riding the Zum Zum wooden balance bike will help your child develop coordination, strength and don’t you know it’s a great way to have your child burn some of that extra energy out.