Playstation video game characters.

Speed drawings of video game characters (several more, as well, on the YouTube channel):

Video Game Storytelling: What Every Developer Needs to Know about Narrative Techniques

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  • You can use the video game character database by browsing through the big character lists sorted by letters or the many other options like searching for game characters that were made by a specific game company, first seen on a specific platform or in a year and even by their fighting style or weapons they use, our video game character database is an ongoing project that grows every week and sees more and more options and features added with the time.

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  • Here is a my top 12 video game character hall of famers listed in no particular order, some may not be the main character or a playable character in a game:

    The Video Game Character Database on Game-Art-HQ links you to the game character overviews and art galleries where you can read about the game characters and find both official game art as well as selected fan art and cosplay art & the artworks made by our community.

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    My first ever crush on a video game character (: No Shame! Whenever I have played the Mass Effect series and I hear Kaidan Alenko’s voice I instantaneously think about Carth. Knights of the Old Republic was one of the first games that I ever beat by myself!

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If you love video games and want to pursue a career that allows you to design your own characters, then you should get on track to becoming a video game character artist. The first thing any successful video game character artist should know is, of course, what makes a great video game, and what kind of characters best suit those games. Second, you will need advanced technical training in design and 3D modeling so that you can be prepared with the skills to see your ideas through.