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Us Star #1, 9001 Nw Expressway, Yukon, OK - Restaurant inspection findings and violations.

Star Micronics futurePRNT TSP143IIILAN GY US Direct Thermal Printer - Monochrome - Desktop - Receipt Print

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  • Ecova, Inc. received ENERGY STAR recognition for integrating EPA’s Web-based resources into its offerings, and encouraging clients to use ENERGY STAR tools in their energy management programs.

    Hines received ENERGY STAR recognition for the expansion and success of its corporate energy management initiatives and for using ENERGY STAR resources to promote energy efficiency.

  • The Bonnie Blue flag was the official flag of the Republic of West Florida. It was adopted by Florida shortly after their revolt and separation from Spain, and flown until its annexation by the United States 74 days later. It went on to inspire many other famous flags, including the famous Lone Star Flag of Texas and the California State Flag. It was flown by the Confederacy during the civil war is used to represent the values of Federalism, usually with an emphasis on State over Federal government.

    Metro Lighting received ENERGY STAR recognition for serving as a trusted ENERGY STAR resource for the greater St. Louis community and emphasizing the importance of ENERGY STAR.

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  • The greater the mass of such a star, the more quickly it will use its hydrogen fuel and the shorter it stays on the main sequence. After all the hydrogen in the core is fused into helium, the star changes rapidly — without nuclear radiation to resist it, gravity immediately crushes matter down into the star's core, quickly heating the star. This causes the star's outer layers to expand enormously and to cool and glow red as they do so, rendering the star a . Helium starts fusing together in the core, and once the helium is gone, the core contracts and becomes hotter, once more expanding the star but making it bluer and brighter than before, blowing away its outermost layers. After the expanding shells of gas fade, the remaining core is left, that consists mostly of carbon and oxygen with an initial temperature of roughly 180,000 degrees F (100,000 degrees C). Since white dwarves have no fuel left for fusion, they grow cooler and cooler over billions of years to become too faint to detect. (Our sun should leave the main sequence in about 5 billion years.)

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An intermediate-mass star begins with a cloud that takes about 100,000 years to collapse into a protostar with a surface temperature of about 6,750 F (3,725 C). After hydrogen fusion starts, the result is a , a variable star that fluctuates in brightness. This star continues to collapse for roughly 10 million years until its expansion due to energy generated by nuclear fusion is balanced by its contraction from gravity, after which point it becomes a that gets all its energy from hydrogen fusion in its core.