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Us (Him Book 2)
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Us: A Novel

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  • I looked back at the covers of a few of her books & none of them really have anything to do with the story. My beloved Where the God of Love . . . has a pretty cover that is quite nice to look at with its two cherries & all, but cherries have no relevance to the story - which I mean as a bit of a joke because the book is about people & not fruit, but it doesn't even work in a metaphorical sense. It makes me wonder what kind of say Bloom has over what's on the cover or if the images are picked by someone else?

    I would use this book in a lit circle. Students will be assigned different roles, such as passage master, the connector, the creator of a different ending or the added character (make up a character in the book. What or who would you be? why?)

  • I could use this book in a classroom to coincide with a unit on the Civil War. It had rich details of what life was actually like in that time period. It was a bit of a difficult read, so it would need to be for older students.

    Consideration of Instructional Application: This book I would have in my library for the more advance readers in my classroom if I was teaching younger kids (2nd-3rd grade). If I was teaching 4th grade, I would possibly read this book out loud during read aloud time and we would use this book to discuss literary elements like suspense, themes, character elements, and setting.

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  • But still I'm going to give this book 5 stars. Why? Because this book was very well written and I'd have to say one of my favorite time-travelling book after Timeless. If you liked Time Traveller's wife, then this is it's YA Edition only way way better.

The Great Big Toys R Us Book 30-second TVC

I could already tell what kind of facebooker Future Emma was. I'm sure you've all met this type before. The "My Life is So Bad Please Pity Me," facebooker. Unfortunately, I know a lot of these people. Sometimes I've even asked Facebook to only show me their "important updates" because the whining gets out of control. They're almost as bad as the overly religious Facebook posts that are my personal pet peeve (this week I'm downright angry over one that said "Share if you love God. If you Love the Devil Keep Scrolling).