What is Upsie? It's the new way to warranty.

Upsie Daisies ($10),Clothing adhesive that hold up Strapless Fashion.

“That sparked the idea” for Upsie, he said.

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  • Yet what the buyer doesn’t see is that competing policies often are underwritten by the same insurance carriers — so the crucial differentiator is price. Upsie, for instance, said it offers coverage similar or identical to that offered in retail outlets during the purchase of electronic devices, but typically at a far lower cost.

    Consumers often feel blindsided when they are paying for a computer or other electronic device, and they’re pressured at the checkout counter to purchase an extended warranty, said Upsie CEO Clarence Bethea.

  • Such consumers would rather go home, carefully weigh accidental-coverage options and purchase plans when they feel ready, Bethea said. That’s the kind of service Upsie and its rivals, like SquareTrade, provide.

    Upsie, a Minneapolis-based startup, has entered this space and is jostling for market share with rivals such as SquareTrade, electronics retailers, wireless carriers, computer makers and others — all pushing their own device-damage warranties.

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  • Upsie Belly SizeBelly Measurement
    Small79 - 97cm's
    Medium98 - 117cm's
    Large118 - 147cm's

    Upsie, which debuted late last year, allows its customers to buy in via its apps for Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones. Upsie said it has seen upwards of 80,000 app downloads so far, though it won’t disclose how many warranties it has sold.

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To Size your Upsie Belly, measure yourself all the way around your tummy, starting at your belly button. Match your measurement to the Upsie Belly sizes in the table below.