– Can easily overdose on Tuth– Can cause aggression in some males

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Bimal returns from Belgium, visits TUTH

LEGO Mixels 41571 Tuth Building Kit

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  • TAG : Tuth looks like a dentist, which is his profession.
  • KATHMANDU, Sept 6: A renal patient, who was undergoing dialysis at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) reportedly committed suicide by jumping off the third floor of the hospital on Monday night.

    Tuth is mostly white in color, resembling a tooth. He has six teeth; four on the top, two on the bottom. His upper teeth are attached on his gum. He has a blue bowtie on his body. His left arm is a mint-colored toothbrush with a yellow glob of toothpaste on its brush, and his right arm is holding a silver hammer. He has three legs that resemble roots. On top of his upper teeth, he has an enamel with a blue headband between his eyes.

  • It doesn’t matter whether patients at Mixopolis General Hospital have a bruised knee or a sprained wrist, this Medix character will always check their teeth. Tuth gives everyone a vigorous tooth-brushing—and might even extract a tooth as well—whether they like it or not!

    Dr Pradeep Vaidya, director of TUTH’s Trauma Centre and coordinator for the WHO-supported Hospital Preparedness for Emergency Programme, says the response to the earthquake by health care providers was resilient because of pre-planning and training initiatives.

    #32 Crystal

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    Grip-Tuth® Side Combs

    A unique combination of Grip-Tuth®® combs and Magic-Grip Hairpins gives you the best hold ever.  Our detailed instructions and illustrations make this classic hairstyle so easy for everyone.  They even work on medium length and layered hair.  Short ends won't slip out because Grip-Tuth®® combs have touching teeth that grip and hold.

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    #32 Shell

    Good Hair Days®6" Grip-Tuth® Comb Band (1)
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    The first earthquake on 25 April measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale and the second on 12 May measuring 7.3 failed to disrupt services at Kathmandu’s largest public hospitals, including Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH), Patan Hospital, Civil Service Hospital, Birendra Army Hospital and the trauma centre at Bir Hospital.

Tuth was seen being animated by in the documentary series in .

Grip-Tuth® shorty hair combs are the only brand that keeps even the finest hair locked into place all day. Their secret? They are the only combs with teeth that touch, so they grip gently and securely, leaving no room for a single strand to slide out. Each comb carries Grip-Tuth's trademark rope design on the top edge. 1" high by 3¼" wide.