Transformers Universe Silverbolt

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Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Voyager Class Silverbolt Figure

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    Before reviewing the robot mode itself I have to comment on how simplistic the transformation to get the robot mode is. I have to admit I was astonished when I finished transforming Silverbolt the first time. I kept thinking "Gee...that's it?" and to be honest, even after doing it ten times or so it still feels that way. However, as a homage to the original figure and considering the design, I don't see how it could have been done much simpler without making it complicated. Sometimes the path of least resistance is the best, especially when your target market ranges in age from elementary school and up. However, I did feel that it was worth mentioning that while the figure is larger than say, a deluxe, it's nowhere near as complicated as some of them are. One huge plus though is the activation of the classic transformation sound as you slide the upper body down to reveal the robot head!

    In the Marvel Comics Transformers story Silverbolt and the other Aerialbots were created on Earth by Wheeljack and given life by Optimus Prime using the Matrix. After their initial mission was deemed a failure due to only Silverbolt's personality being stabilized (with Superion nearly killing a human), Optimus Prime had their minds wiped clean and all five Aerialbots given life once again. Unbeknownst to Prime, the piggy-backed aboard Silverbolt, and attempted to inject a into an open wound Prime incurred earlier. The shell allowed Bombshell to transmit Prime's thoughts—and the Matrix's creation process—to Megatron and Soundwave, allowing them to bring life to the . (Transformers #21-22.)

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