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Protect children from exposure to lead in metal and plastic toys, especially imported toys, antique toys, and toy jewelry.

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  • Just wearing toy jewelry that contains lead will not cause children to have a high level of lead in their blood. However, chewing or sucking on the jewelry will.

    Many children get toys and toy jewelry as gifts during the holiday season but some toys may contain lead hazards. Lead is invisible to the naked eye and has no smell.

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    If swallowed or put in the mouth, lead jewelry is hazardous to children. In 2003, a 4-year-old child bought from a vending machine. The child became ill because the jewelry was made of lead. The potential for children to be exposed to lead from jewelry led the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to issue a recall on July 8, 2004, of 150 million pieces of metal toy jewelry sold widely in vending machines.

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    Simon's Cat Fan Art
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  • Effects of wearing toy jewelry
    Just wearing toy jewelry will not cause your child to have a high level of lead in his/her blood. However, small children often put things in their mouth. If you have a small child in your household, make sure the child does not have access to jewelry or other items that may contain lead.

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