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  • A Toddler Musical Activity Table is a great way to introduce music during playtime. Kids are naturally attracted to music and it can be used to teach them (ABC's for example). Songs can bring to life educational concepts, life skills, lessons about interpersonal relationships, and values you would like to pass on to your kids. Music is a natural learning vehicle which when used skillfully can enrich our lives and give us a closer connection with each other.
    There are few things as heartwarming as hearing a child singing a song they have heard or humming a tune they have composed. Providing opportunities to enjoy music early gives your child an additional language to interact with. I can not count the number of times I have heard someone speaking about a thought or experience and when they are at a loss for words they will conclude with a verse “like the song says” to communicate more.

    Only carry trusted kids brands, including KidKraft Activity Tables, Anatex Activity Tables and Educo Activity Table for Toddlers are carried by Wooden Toddler Toys. If you find the same toddler activity table or wood train table online for a lower price, just let us know and we will match their price. Pick up a toddler activity table today and watch them play for hours on end.

  • Sand and Water Tables For Toddlers combine the water table option with sand or you can choose to use sand only. I can not count the number of times sand and water have worked together to bring about an amazing day. Imagine spending the day building sand castles. With a few tools you can be creating a virtual castle, a city, or a simple sculpture.
    Activities for toddlers are often best when bringing something so natural as water and sand into the equation. There are so many possibilities. As with other toddler activity tables on this page the educational potential can be tapped into infinity. If you are a homeschooling household, take out your lesson plan outline and as you read the general topic list think of ways water and sand can be used as a tool to communicate the concepts each topic is striving to teach.

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