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Toa Tahu is one the main protagonists of the series.

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LEGO Bionicle: Tahu (8534)

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  • After the initial story telling scene, you'll find yourself in the guise of the Toa Tahu in Ta-Wahi (or the fire elemental in a volcanic region). You're confronted with the problem of navigating a very basic platform filled level -- the most difficult segment is when you have to jump across a lava flow on decently sized rocks. Your jumping is occasionally hindered by pockets of bad guys that shoot "dark elements" at you. Luckily, these can all be toasted using "good elements" (the fire Toa happens to use fire).

    The Toa Mata/Nuva, comprised of , , , , , and , are the main heroes of franchise. Even when the story focuses on a different team of , the are always close by in the background. In their first appearance, these were the only known heroes at the time and were simply referred to as the Toa; it was recently revealed that the team's name at this time was the Toa Mata, in honour of the (see "Notes", below). When they were submersed in energized protodermis and came out with enhanced powers and abilities, Toa Tahu renamed them the Toa Nuva (though the Matoran language meaning of the word "Nuva" is unclear).

  • The second release of the Toa Nuva was in 2008. The sets were released at two separate times throughout the year: Toa Nuva Lewa, Kopaka, and Pohatu were released alongside Makuta Antroz, Vamprah and Chirox under the umbrella name "Phantoka" in early 2008, while Toa Nuva Tahu, Gali, and Onua were later released with the Makuta Krika, Bitil, and Gorast in mid-2008 under the umbrella name "Mistika." The 2008 sets depicted the Toa Nuva in their Adaptive Armor.

    Lego Bionicle 2001 Original Toa Tahu with instructions . Complete with all parts in good condition along with instructions in fair/poor condition (no cannister). I ship worldwide and I do combine shipping for multiple items.


    8534 Tahu (Toa Mata)
    8572 Tahu Nuva (Toa Nuva)
    8689 Toa Tahu (Mistika)
    7116 Tahu (BIONICLE Stars)
    70787 Tahu: Master of Fire (2015)

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    This set features Toa Tahu's Canister, (Though it really could be any Toa's), a cliff with stairs that opens to reveal the Golden Kanohi Hau, Toa Tahu, Turaga Vakama, and Vakama's assistant and a member of the Ta-Koro Guard, Kapura.

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Toa Tahu was one of the first sets every made. He could wield flame and what could show that more than his sword!!! His coulors mix well with the element he wields, Fire. What fan wouldn't want Toa Tahu, well lets find out what I think......