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  • The themes covered by the toys are mainly fairly standard, such as emergency services, construction vehicles, farm and town, but there are a few more imaginative models, such as a , an and a .

    The company is based in London (though the toys are manufactured in China), and they're so confident of the durability that all of the toys come with a 10 year guarantee - also unusual, as the sales rep pointed out.

  • If you caught me in the act of organizing toys, you might think it was a remake of the classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I start out all sentimental and attached. Then I turn into a mad(wo)man, scooping up toys by the armful and filling garbage bags on the sly.

    Having donated used toys to a local preschool in the past, I knew that an intact Bob the Builder Memory Game and dinosaur puzzle would be welcome there, so I felt good about finding a new home for those items ala Toy Story 3.

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    Join us at the North American International Toy Fair - February 18-21, 2017 in New York City.
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    Toys for the North

    In 2015, the 6th annual Toys for the North delivered toys to eager children in some of Canada's most remote northern communities.

  • In my madness, I managed to create a much more accessible stack of board games, which might actually encourage the kids to use the surviving toys more often. While I was purging, S. was busy becoming acquainted with Hungry Hungry Hippos for the first time — which had been buried on purpose a few years back when I was trying to resolve letting a one-year-old play in the same room with her six-year-old marble collecting brother.

Hottest Holiday Toys With Laurie Schacht

So I made a big effort on Saturday night after my son went to bed and mixed cleaning with purging. More than a dozen puzzles were cut back to about six. Dozens and dozens of little cars were cut back to about 10. Some sturdy but cheap toys were thrown in the back yard and a bunch of small, annoying toys were banished to the garage.