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  • Missy Stein with Whoops! and Co. shows NBC15 News the latest and cutest trends in tiny toys. She says they can help a child get through a tough day at school, knowing the toy is in his or her pocket or backpack. They also make simple gifts.

    Here is a free pattern to make some teeny tiny toys - just under 2.5 inches (6 cms) tall. These tiny knit figures are adorable and a bit challenging too!

  • Julie I love your work your a very talented lady but you have excelled yourself with these tiny toys, they are sooo cute. I saw the picture of Honey with her little bunny and its so sweet, the person who manages to get their paws on her will be one lucky owner. Thank you for sharing the pattern its very kind of you. Keep up the amazing work.
    ♥ Raynor

    Tiny toys are particularly suited to apartment dwelling, since they can get enough exercise indoors and with their daily walks. They are also small enough so that you can easily take them with you to places where you couldn’t take a larger dog, and they love to see the world! Remember, though, that you must never leave your dog in the car unattended on hot days. Even with the windows open, temperatures in cars can become deadly in five minutes. Small dogs such as tiny toys are particularly susceptible to extremes of heat and cold.

    Ontario Toy Show History

         The first Ontario Toy Show was originally founded in 1986 by the Vincent family.  Since then, it has grown into Canada’s major Farm Toy Collector event, attracting many hobbyists from across Canada, the United States and abroad. It is held annually in Woodstock, Ontario on the weekend prior to Labour Day weekend.

         Through the years a reception, dinner and toy auction has been added and the Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford has become involved with the event as a fundraiser for their community service projects.

         The weekend regularly attracts dealers and collectors who search for or bring rare and high quality toys to sell or trade.  Participants also appreciate the annual support and sponsorship of the following toy hobby firms: Scale Models, Toy Farmer Magazine, Jolley’s Farm Toys, George Stock, Ron Skeffington, Eurocan and Tiny Toys.

  • This miniature toy box and the tiny miniature toys that go in it are handmade one-of-a-kind miniatures by D.K. Pritchett. They were auctioned separately between 2006 and 2007. The toys are smaller than halfscale, as they are meant to be toys for a miniature dolls. The highlight of the set is a "vintage" or toybox. It's not really vintage, just made to look that way. It is inspired by the old antique toy chests that are crudely made of thick, hand-hewn chunks of wood. The wood has been carefully distressed by the artist to give it that aged dark brown, almost buttery look of old wood. It looks like the wonderful old toy chest that your grandfather made by hand, cherished and passed down through the family as an heirloom. The two pieces of miniature "lumber" on the bottom of the box have big chunks taken out of them, as if they were quickly and carelessly hewn by an old hand axe. The side pieces are wider, and have more subtle chunks and grooves. Front and center of the lid of the toy box (not shown), has been distressed to look as if children have sat on the box, and played with it for several generations. The lid is hinged onto the toy chest by two imitation leather straps, (really paper) and look as if they really have tiny nails in them.

Mini-world made with tiny toys and food

This pattern includes seven pages of instructions for knitting your three Tiny Toys, complete with full-color photographic illustrations. Additional technical support is also available through e-mail consultation.