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  • Besides maintaining heat, thermal insulation can also keep items cold. Perishable and frozen food items, as well as vaccines, may need to be kept at certain temperatures while being transported. Ice packs can be placed in thermal bags to help supplement the insulation. An insulated is a good solution for smaller shipments of vaccines or food items that only need to travel short distances.

    Another type of thermal bag is available for personal use. Some of the lunch bags or totes that are available for consumer purchase use thermal insulation. This can come in handy for individuals who want to bring their own lunches to work sites, but do not have access to a refrigerator. Delivery drivers who work outside of an office location and are constantly mobile typically find insulated lunch bags to be a great convenience.

  • A thermal bag is a type of thermally in the form of a bag which can be carried, usually made of materials. It is used to help maintain the temperature of its contents, keeping cold items cold, and hot items hot.

    Commercial thermal shopping bags, to carry temperature-sensitive purchases home without breaking the , were first introduced by grocery and other shops in Europe in the mid 1980s. A thermal bag to keep pizzas being delivered hot was invented by Ingrid Kosar in 1983, and is commonly used now. A is very similar in concept, but typically larger and in the form of a rigid box.

    Thermal Bags with Flat Bottom & Side Gusset
    Description :
    Our range of thermal bags with flat bottom & side gusset is perfect for carrying grocery & daily use household items as it is durable and last longer

    Sizes (mm) Available
    • 250 x 75 x 75 x 350
    • 350 x 75 x 75 x 450
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    Thermal Bags for Water/Beer Bottles
    Description :
    This range of thermal bags are perfect for carrying water and beer bottles while traveling as they have finest insulative coatings to keep items cold for longer duration. We even offer these bags with pull string on both sides for easy usability and carrying purpose.

    Size (mm) Available
    • 135 x 275 x 35
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    Thermal Bags for Cold Drinks/Water/Beer Bottles
    Description :
    We offer a wide variety of durable and reliable bags with pull string on both the sides & smart hook string to tighten the the neck, shoulder or hands. These easy to carry bags are available in the capacity of 600ml bottles.

    Size (mm) Available
    • 120 x 230 x 30
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  • Thermal Bags for Ice Cubes
    Description :
    Thermal ice bags are available with pull string on one/both sides for easy carrying purpose. We also undertake customization, which is done as per the specification of the client

    Sizes (mm) Available
    • 200 x 230 x 30
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    Thermal Bags with handles
    Description :
    We offer an excellent variety of thermal bags in various sizes, which are used for keeping grocery/lunch /temperature sensitive medicines etc. Customization is possible as per the specification of the client. The sizes available are as follows:

    Sizes (mm) Available
    • 500 x 500
    • 450 x 450
    • 380 x 450
    • 300 x 380
    • 300 x 350
    • 250 x 300
    • 200 x 250
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    Thermal Bag for Water/Beer Bottles
    Description :
    We offer specially designed thermal bags, which are manufactured with premium quality raw material, having a pull string on one/both sides. These are available in the capacities of:

    Sizes (mm) Available
    • 135 x 215 x 35
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    The interior of a thermal bag contains insulation, often in the form of padding made from a metallic material. For foods and other items that need to be kept warm, the metallic material helps transfer any escaped heat back to its originating source. Padding and metallic material also contains the heat within the thermal bag as long as it remains closed. The thermal insulation is a temporary solution to maintaining temperature control and should not be substituted for longer term solutions, such as a refrigerator.

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The AVENT Thermabag is designed for feeding on the go and holds AVENT Bottles, VIA and Magic Cups.
The stylish AVENT Thermabag holds 2 AVENT Bottles, 2 Magic Cups or 4 VIA Cups.