others in the iconic Millennium Falcon

Ok, so the Millennium Falcon makes a high-g turn. So what, right? Well, here are some thoughts.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 Building Kit

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  • One of the most iconic starships of the ™ saga is back, and it’s leaner and meaner than ever before! As featured in exciting scenes from : The Force Awakens, this latest LEGO® version of the Millennium Falcon™ is crammed with new and updated external features, including an even more streamlined and detailed design, detachable cockpit with space for 2 minifigures, rotating top and bottom laser turrets with hatch and space for a minifigure, dual spring-loaded shooters, sensor dish,ramp and an entrance hatch. Open up the hull plates to reveal even more great new and updated details inside, including the main hold with seating area and holochess board, more detailed hyperdrive, secret compartment, extra boxes and cables, and storage for spring-loaded shooter ammo. And of course no LEGO Millennium Falcon model would be complete without Han Solo and Chewbacca, as well as other great characters from : The Force Awakens. Activate the hyperdrive and set course for LEGO Star fun! Includes 6 minifigures with assorted weapons: Rey, Finn, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Tasu Leech and a Kanjiklub Gang Member, plus a BB-8 Astromech Droid.

    Own an official limited-edition 200mm tall figurine of Han Solo, FREE with your 4th delivery. The man who piloted the Millennium Falcon with such distinction!

  • If you’re like me, a sci-fi junkie, you’re not doubt a fan of Star Wars (even if you think there are only 3 movies instead of 6…). The Millennium Falcon for me was the epitome of cool. It was the hot rod of space, combined with the fact that I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t put the lovable rogue Han Solo on par with Jedi Knights.

    is the mastermind behind the project which is on course to construct a full scale interior and exterior replica of the Millennium Falcon starship from. Lee is leading the exciting enterprise along with a team of friends and volunteers, which over the course of the next 5-7 years will build an exact copy of the ship . A 400′ x 400′ area is being cleared, and numerous pieces of the ship have already been built and are ready to be installed. For the technical drawings, Lee and his team are using these as their guide. Lee notes that the interior sets seen in the film would never have fit inside the exterior of the Millennium Falcon as seen in the movie, so he and his design team have made a few adjustments for the perfect compromise. The final dimensions of the full size replica will be as follows:

  • Star Wars, I'm sure you are all familiar with the movie so I really don’t have to go into detail about the movie and what it’s about, so on and so forth. There is a total of like seven or eight lessons that I have submitted so far and I have decided to do another tutorial on a very important starship from the movie series. I think that the Chibi Han Solo that I drew needs his spaceship to feel at home. So for my fifth tutorial I will be showing you how to draw the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars step by step. The Falcon is the ship that belongs to Han Solo and his shipmate Chewbacca. The starship helped the Rebel Alliance conquer some of the greatest victories over the evil Empire with the help of Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, and even Princess Leia. The Falcon was originally a Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 light freighter that Han Solo won from Lando Calrissian during a sabacc game. The Falcon has a saucer shaped hull, a set of forward cargo gripping mandibles, and as you can see in the movie, a cylinder shaped cockpit that is mounted to the side of the ship. This is the area were Solo and Chewbacca attack enemy ships like the TIE-fighters used by the Imperial army. After Han won the Millennium Falcon, he was constantly fixing it up along with his old buddy Chewy. With all the modifications the two did to the starship it was now more like a fighter instead of a freighter. They upgraded the ships weaponry to military class quad laser turrets, and they even installed booster speed enhancements. Han also decided to install an antipersonnel repeating laser to aid them in attempts to make escapes that need to be smooth and fast. Now because all these new modifications were made to the freighter, it often has a failing hyper drive that you will often see Han and Chewy fixing. If you remember correctly the Falcon is the starship that aided cover fire for Luke when he was launching his attack on the first Death Star. After that day Han, Chewbacca and the Falcon repeatedly carried out missions for the Rebel Alliance. In the first old Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi hires Han Solo to take him, Luke, C-3PO, and R2-D2 to a place called Alderaan. All in all the entire Falcon was a legendary starship and I am pleased to show you how to draw the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars step by step. As you can imagine, this lesson will go in the advanced section because the ship is very detailed, so you will have to take your time drawing out the starship. I hope you have fun and remember gang, don’t forget to rate and comment the tutorials on the site so other people can get an idea what other members think. Be back soon!

Strange Tales: The Millennium Falcon (A New Hope version)

We also see how footage from the now-iconic dogfight scene was put together, along with General Hux's (Domhnall Gleeson) speech on the massive Starkiller Base, Maz Kanata's castle, an X-wing battle scene lead by Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) and even the lightsaber duel between Rey and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). The video ends by showing how ILM created the water ripples caused by the Millennium Falcon before it lands on Ahch-To, Luke Skywalker's (Mark Hamill) hidden Jedi refuge.