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That's my review for this game, I hope it helps anyone that doesn't know what Terarria is. Thank you! Josh Comment Was this review helpful to you?


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  • So I dont recall off hand if i ever posted the finished work, and i’m just the right level of lazy right now to not care to look through my blog to find out. So here is my completed Jesse Cox in Terarria fanart. :)

    Sketchy stuff, trying to flesh out Jesse Coxs character from the terarria series he does with totalbiscuit. The vicious attack bunnies are my own twist on it and are certainly not cannon.

  • finally getting around to putting some colours on my Totalbiscuit terarria fanart. i’m feeling the need to do my vision of jesse cox’s character…. and maybe one of dodger if she played it in an alternate reality

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