hylands teething tabs! and cold teething rings from the fridge!

Teething tabs are like gold for us here

Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets, Safe and Natural Relief of Teething Pain and Irritability in Infants and Babies, 67 Doses, 135 Total Tablets

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  • For some reason i always had a feeling not to use highlands teething and i would always get Camilia, even if i had to wait for them to be on the shelf and the highlands teething tabs were the only thing available. Camilia is a homeopathic remedy you can find in whole foods and i found that they are a miracle!

    Its funny how everyone is going to stop using teething tabs. The recall is because the cps are not child safety caps and pose a threat when a child ingests a whole lot more than the recommended dosage. If you use them the way they were intended and keep them away from your children they are completly safe. too many people jumping the gun on this one. I will continue using them as recommended and keep them away from my daughters reach. They do work and I am thankful I can use these instead of pumping her full of tylenol or store brands.

  • I’ve use cold teething rings,frozen wash clothes and teething tabs but that was a long time ago. Our dgd will be needing something in a few months..

    Luyties Teething Tabs #30 are designed for babies over 6 months of age. A parental favorite when teething is at the heart of a baby’s woes, this gentle homeopathic combination blends the best single remedy ingredients for structural support with specialists in easing symptoms of pain, redness and irritation, naturally.

    • Belladonna - #1 for sudden fevers, this classic single eases symptoms of throbbing pain, redness irritation and restlessness.
    • Chamomilla - When stressed by teething, babies often need this favorite to calm symptoms of pain, irritation and crankiness. It also applies to a range of issues that often accompany teething such as diarrhea, colic and minor ear pain, especially if baby demands to be carried.
    • Ferrum phos - As the anti-irritation cell salt, Ferr phos offers fundamental support, eases irritation and minor low fevers while encouraging strong heathy tissues and teeth.
    • Calc phos - The cell salt that assists growth and strong tissues, supports practically every aspect of teething strain.

    Of course the fact that it is natural, dissolves very quickly in babies' mouths, has absolutely no history of reported side effects in its long history, and tastes great so babies like to take it, all explain why this is one of our best selling combinations year after year.

    Homeopathic ingredients: Ferrum phos, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Calcarea phos

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    anything that works at the moment, my little man has a rough time with teeth, we have used, oragel, teething tabs, a clothspin( yes, that was my husband, not sure how I felt about that one!) ice chips.

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