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  • While you may save a decent amount of money by going through the Target Breast Pump Program vs purchasing a breast pump directly from Target at retail price, there are some differences (limitations?) that you should probably know:

    Yup, we’re writing a quick review about the Target Breast Pump Program, and we’re not even getting compensated to do so We hope you’ll find the information useful, and if you’re aware of any other similar breast pump programs, do share it with us in the comments!

  • NOTE: Please keep in mind that what’s available to you via the Target Breast Pump Program is going to depend on your health insurance provider and plan, so it’s best to do your own research by calling the number above and / or contacting your health insurance provider directly.

    If you’ve used the Target Breast Pump Program to acquire your breast pump, feel free to share your thoughts with us! Did you have a similar experience?

  • Just when we were ready to settle on another breast pump purchase (our old Medela breast pump is still stuck in storage in another country), we stumbled upon the Target Breast Pump Program! We called the number on the website (at the time of this post, it’s 1-855-406-PUMP) and immediately, a representative took our call. We simply provided information about our baby’s birth, the OB’s name, and our basic insurance information. The call lasted approximately 5 minutes. Although the representative told us that we may not hear back from them via email until 24-48 hours later, we received an email from them on the same day.

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