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Take Care Fake Bear Torque Cake

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Care Bears 8" Take Care Bear - Collector's Edition (2003)

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    gender: female
    colour: red (1980s), pink (2004)
    symbol: apple (1980s), smiling heart (2004)
    It's Take Care Bears job to make sure everybody stays well. He's like a Care Bear doctor or nurse.

    Take Care Care Bear
    Take Care Bear is one very careful bear. As Care-a-lot’s expert on “looking before you leap,” she teaches others how to be safe and careful. She is also a warmhearted bear who wishes the best for everyone. Her symbol shows her caring, careful nature-a smiling heart hugging a star. They come in a wide variety of colors and characters. Collect them all!

  • Take Care Bear is a who was first introduced in a 1987 cough syrup coloring book, and has since been revived as part of the franchise's 2000's toy line. In the 80's, she had honey-yellow fur and her was a red apple, while in the 2000's she is pale pink and her badge depicts a purple heart holding a yellow star.

    “The book is freaky great. Hard-assed charm, brutal, elegant, funny. This memoir of a dark Florida childhood is unsentimentalized by cartoon drawings (cute and ruthless) and the substitution of one weird reverberating phrase for anything and everything in life. I filled in the not-blanks casually, mad-libbing, but abruptly found myself, mid-story, close to tears. Heidi made a world, and saw that it was take care fake bear torque cake. And so it was.”

    Name Colour Gender Symbol
    Baby Hugs Bear Pink Female Star inside a pink box
    Baby Tugs Bear Light blue Male Smiling star inside a diaper
    Champ Bear yellow Male Trophy
    Grams Bear grayish violet sky blue Female Rose
    Harmony Bear violet Female Smiling Flower
    Secret Bear Orange and Magenta Male and Female Padlock
    Share Bear Purple Female milk shake with two straws and Two Crossed lollipops with hearts on them
    Take Care Bear Pink Male Smiling heart
    True Heart Bear Light Pink pale yellow Female Radiating star inside a heart

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    Some may think of Take Care Bear as overly cautious, but this girl really puts the "care" in Care Bear. While she may have a tendency to be over-protective, it's only because she values her friends so much, and has made it her business to keep everyone healthy and in one piece. When it comes to Take Care Bear, safety comes first.

Take Care Bear helps her friends live in the best of health.

“Like Magritte’s The Son of Man, Take Care Fake Bear Torque Cake is a work that unabashedly walks a line between ‘the visible that is hidden and the visible that is present.’ It is a work full of a curious and exhilarating obfuscation that, when a reader is willing to look behind it, reveals an unexpectedly touching and delightful memoir.”