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  • Established in 1995 SupportMe has been working with small to medium size businesses to ensure that it's not only large companies that receive high quality IT Support and procurement services.

    SupportMe noticed a problem with how IT Support works for small business..

    Normally you call a company, they charge you a travel fee, they fix your issue and then charge you a minimum hourly fee.
    We thought to ourselves there has to be a better way to supply Support to small businesses to avoid all these unnecessary charges.

    Being a remote support and procurement company offers great advantages including:

    We do offer on-site assistance for large projects and planned infrastructure upgrades but only when required. Keeping your IT costs down is our focus.

    Managing your IT Systems is difficult.. We all know this and sometimes it seems like the problems never end..!
    Large companies have a full team to look after networking, documents management, content management, intranets, servers and the list goes on..

    SupportMe is a low-cost alternative for small to medium size businesses.

    Contact us anytime for advice, assistance and procurement services. We are available any time to field your support issues.

    With a range of support tools, like LiveConnect, which gives us a remote access view straight to your desktop when needed. We can assist with any support issues you have quickly and easily - saving you time.. and most importantly money!

  • SupportMe offers the following IT services:

    SupportMe keeps your support costs down by offering remote support and assistance 24/7.
    Our fantastic LiveConnect Remote Connector allows us a bird's eye view of your organisation to assist with any issues you are having.

    LiveConnect is run by you - only when you need us - maintaining strong security for your organisation.

    Additionally SupportMe's LiveChat software allows you to talk to a consultant when you need one. Get advice and support straight away - when you need it!

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    OK I really need help now on this... My partners mum (not a computer person) followed what they said on the phone... Goto Start> Run> supportme .com...

    Turns out she followed everything they was saying on the phone till they had full control of her PC... She was still on the phone to them when she rang me, and I told her to just pull out the power cable to the modem...

    Since they are an hour drive away, makes it alittle hard to just go down and see what virus may have been installed.. And if any I dont think that atm any virus scanner will pick it up as its a new SCAM.

    If anyone else has had this happen to them and worked out how to fix.... PLEASE let me know ASAP

    We have over 15 years experience in IT Support and Web Design. Our solutions are designed to support SMEs, anything from server and pc support to hosting and webdesign, we are confident that we can help you.

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Small to Medium Business need help too! SupportMe's remote support and on-site assistance well help to take the complexity out of your business.