See how small the gate is compared to the supergate blocks?

The Supergate moments before destruction.

The  prepares to travel through the second Supergate

North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate, Matte Bronze

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  • Also, I just remembered, try watching "The Pegasus Project", the gate is tiny when it's shown RIGHT NEXT to the supergate when they were trying to jump the connections. There's no way those suckers could fit through a gate.

    Anyhow, I understand what you're going at but what I wrote doesn't fit the bill entirely. I belive in "Beachhead" the size of the supergate blocks was given by Carter as 10 M long by 3 M wide, now in that pic, the blocks are clearly larger than that. I never said the size of the large supergate blocks and that would be OR. Also, have you seen the numerous eps showing the size of a cargo ship? Clearly bigger than a gate. Try "Deadman Switch" when Aris flys up by Jack and Sam, that looks big to me, way bigger than a gate. Plus, the blocks gate larger towards the aft end of the block, maybe if the whole block was the size of the front but look at the back of it.

  • I don't know if this has been discussed before, but I propose moving the Supergate article to the article. There is already a section for Supergates that could be expanded. My reasoning is that the Supergate is just a large and specialized Stargate, and I'm not sure it deserves it own page.

    No, that wouldn't be a good idea, exactly like what you said, it's a different type of gate completely, thus it deserves it's own page, I mean, Pegasus and Milky Way gates are in the same article because their differences are only cosmetic, the supergate has major differences in all fields; thus it deserves it's own article.

    An active Supergate
    Production information

    Ori Army



    Technical specifications

    Intergalactic travel

    • Gate 1: Diameter: 400 meters[1]
    • Gate 2: Diameter: 1609 meters (1 mile)[2]
    Made of
    • Gate 1: 80 individual blocks[1]
    • Gate 2: 90 individual blocks [3]
    Power source

    Quantum singularity

    • Ori
    • Tau'ri

  • Planet-Collapsing Force Field envelops Kallana
    Kallana's Stargate survives Mark IX Gatebuster detonation
    Supergate begins forming

    As you think about it, you could say, due to the enormous size of the Supergate, that it has more chevrons, or need a special device to operate it for such reason. A supergate could be thought to have a bunch more control crystals to reach the Pegasus Galaxy and other, non-explored galaxies. It could just replace the need for a ZPM to power the Earth Gate. I'm not sure about this, but It could happen. What do you think?

The prepares to travel through the second Supergate

In order to prevent even more Ori warships from coming through the completed intergalactic Stargate, Carter proposed that they could make the wormhole of a Stargate powered by a black hole in the Pegasus Galaxy jump from a normal-sized Milky Way Stargate to the Supergate if the normal-sized Stargate were situated close enough to the Supergate to cause an energy transfer. Carter enlisted the help of Dr. Rodney McKay to double-check her calculations, as well as to consider new approaches if her original plan failed. Remarkably, the amount of energy and duration needed from the controlled blasts needed to force the wormhole to jump could only be achieved with the destruction of a Wraith hive ship with the bombs onboard. Even more astonishing was the fact that Teal'c, who was in an al'kesh monitoring the Supergate-side of the operation, lured an Ori warship into the unstable vortex that formed in the Supergate when the wormhole jumped to it, destroying that enemy ship as well. (10.03 "The Pegasus Project")