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Goldie Flopsie - 12"

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  • TAG : Handcrafted 11 Inch Lifelike Stuffed Chihuahua Puppy by Hansa
  • Mimi, the stuffed puppy is a soft and cute puppy with ivory plush fur. She has large eyes and she is posed in a standing position. This cute stuffed puppy will make a nice companion to your animal lover.

    Warm Buddy is a company that manufactures a variety of the best all natural stress relieving products and sleep aids for small kids and adults. Warm Buddy plush stuffed animals, including their dogs and puppies, are some of the cutest, softest and most well made stuffed animals toys you can buy. They are machine washable and made to last and stay soft. However, unlike most other plush stuffed animals for sale they also come with a removable and extremely therapeutic rice filled pack that can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. Simply remove the microwavable rice filled heating pack, warm it in the microwave for 30 seconds, put back into the plush stuffed puppy or dog and watch your child melt into the warmth. The microwavable heating packs, after being warmed make, these cute stuffed dogs and small puppies feel that much more comforting when they are being hugged and cuddled with by your child and will help relax and soothe them. The heating and cooling packs also help ease sore muscles and joints as well as help relieve stress and child anxiety.

  • When buying dog and puppy stuffed animals for sale it is important to keep in mind (especially if the child really likes it) how much it will be used. Children like to take their favorite stuffed animal toys with them everywhere, car rides, sleepovers, vacations, they get slept with, dropped, spilled on and everything else. For these reasons it is important to purchase a quality plush stuffed dog or small puppy that will last without ripping and tearing easily, is washable, and will stay soft and cute. Cheap stuffed puppies and doggies are cheap for a reason. They are often made from low quality cotton that does not stay very soft or plush for long, have low quality sewing that falls apart quickly and aren’t as soft and cuddly as high quality stuffed puppy and doggy animal toys. Spending a bit more upfront on the best most cute and cuddly plush stuffed dog or small puppy for sale will ensure your kid gets a stuffed animal toy that will last and stay soft for years. It is also a good idea to buy a plush stuffed puppy or dog that comes with a removable, therapeutic heating and cooling pack.

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