stuffed groundhogs don’t know sh**

Nooooo…..when will winter end???RT : DC's stuffed groundhog Potomac Phil calls …

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  • Everyone stands as the stuffed groundhog makes a grand entrance in a royally decorated box resting on wooden planks carried on lodge members' shoulders.

    No one, they say, is as good at predicting the weather as their stuffed groundhog from Germany, whose voice is provided by Allentown resident Richard Miller.

  • So it wasn't any surprise when a PETA protester dressed as a raccoon appeared at in Dupont Circle holding a sign that said, "Buy a crystal ball. Leave Wildlife Alone!" Even though our own Potomac Phil was merely a stuffed groundhog, the group still wanted to make its position known on the country's most famous rodent and the day dedicated to his weather prognostications.

    Choose a great plush groundhog toy to cast a happy shadow in your child's bedroom. Will the perfect stuffed groundhog toy please stick its nose out!.

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  • Hey! You got your stuffed groundhogs in my stuffed prairie dogs! Yeah, well you got your stuffed prairie dogs in my stuffed groundhogs! Two great stuffed animals that are great together! These popular plush North American rodents are quite content sharing the underground section of our plush wilderness. Prairie dog stuffed animals are very sociable just like real ones so welcoming the groundhog stuffed animals came natural to them. The stuffed prairie dogs love to chitter and chatter with the stuffed groundhogs who are always up for a good discussion on digging techniques or tasty plants. We assume that's what they are chattering about anyway, no one here speaks rodent. Scroll down to have a look at all of our prairie dog and groundhog stuffed animals and click on each photo to get more information. Call us with any questions and we'll help you dig up the perfect stuffed groundhog or stuffed prairie dog. They say that birds of a feather flock together but in this case it seems that rodents of a hair always share!

    Sue Nemacheck was among those to dress up for the occasion, wearing a groundhog hat and carrying around stuffed groundhog animals. She and others, including her sister, Mary Marcou, sang groundhog songs.

and the body in the coffin was that of an older, stuffed groundhog.

WASHINGTON — Washington’s own groundhog threw in his two cents on the future of the city’s weather and politics. Potomac Phil, a stuffed groundhog, saw his shadow Monday morning in DuPont Circle. That means, “Six more weeks of winter and six more months of political gridlock,” said D.C. Councilman Jack Evans. This the fourth year of the tradition put on by the DuPont Festival.