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Just google “make your own honey bear straw cup” and perhaps you will find something!

The First Years Take & Toss Spill-Proof Straw Cups - 10Oz, 4 Pack

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  • The toddler mouthpiece designs are widely varied, unlike the spouts for transition cups. For toddler cups in our tests there were 3 cup-like edges, 5 soft spouts, 4 straw cups, and 9 hard spout cups; the interestingly had a hard spout, but one valve and one straw options for a more versatile cup.

    The straw mouthpiece was more common in the toddler cups than transition cups. as the ADA feels they can increase oral hygiene by decreasing the amount of liquid that comes in direct contact with teeth. The straw cups in our tests didn't generally do well in the leak tests, but they all were easy to drink from, and came with some kind of closeable attached lid to help prevent leaks.

  • Sticking with one of the straw cups eliminates the valve issue altogether in toddler cups. Straws also reduce the amount of liquid that comes into contact with teeth. These cups usually come with a lid of some kind that keeps the straw clean, and aids in preventing leaks.

    Toddler cups come in a wide range of component types and number of parts. Some of the cups were easy to assemble no matter how many parts they had, and other cups had us scratching our heads with just three parts to figure out. While most of the cups required a basic bottle brush to clean (especially the longer thinner cups), the straw cups needed a special straw brush to ensure proper cleaning. The , actually required the purchase of an additional cleaning kit! Lower scores were given to the cups that required the most intensive cleaning, number of tools, or time to assemble.

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    Develop your baby's drinking skills with our no spill Toddler Straw Cup.

    It's soft coated straw spout has been cleverly designed to teach your toddler to drink in the upright position.

    Our Toddler Straw Cups are made from safe BPA-free materials and conform to BS EN 14350.

      - Teaches drinking in the upright position
    - Soft straw & flip-up hygiene cover
    - Easy-grip soft base
    - 280ml capacity
    - Non-spill valve
    - BPA free
    - Latex free
    - PVC free

    We also gave more points to the toddler cups that adhered closer to the ADA guidelines of not having a valve, or if the valve required less sucking. The straw cups and the , received the most points for this possible benefit to dental hygiene and being spout types the ADA likes better than other styles. The once again took a hit, this time for being a straw cup with a fairly hard to use incorporated valve.

Comments about Take & Toss Straw Sippers Cups 10 oz - 4 Pk - Pink:

The one concern I had about using a straw cup instead of a traditional sippy was possible spilling. But even when she has it turned upside down it hardly ever leaks. Maybe a few drops of water here and there, but no big deal. The end of the straw that baby drinks from is almost solid, but with a few slits cut in it. So baby can easily suck liquid out (no special biting the valve or anything) but it helps minimize spilling.