Skylanders Swap Force Stink Bomb

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Fly to Undercity on 's broomstick and complete dropping 25 of 25 stink bombs.
Loftus 72 Individual Fart Bombs
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A gameplay vignette of me playing as Stink Bomb in Skylanders: Swap Force.

Liquid Ass

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  • HahaPrank is your source for the best glass stink bombs, fart bombs, and fart bomb bags on the market. Combine a glass stink bomb, some , or a bomb bag with a classic whoopee cushion for a real laugh.

    At one end of the spectrum, relatively harmless stink bombs consist of , which smells strongly of rotten . When exposed to air, the ammonium sulfide reacts with moisture, , and a mixture of (rotten egg smell) and is released. Other popular substances on which to base stink bombs are with lower molecular weight, e.g., and —the chemicals that give odor to and are added in minute quantities to in order to make gas leaks detectable by smell. A variation on this idea is the scent bomb, or perfume bomb, filled with an overpowering "cheap perfume" smell.

  • At the other end of the spectrum, the governments of and the are developing stink bombs for use by their and as and . Using stink bombs for these purposes have advantages over traditional : unlike and , stink bombs are believed not to be dangerous, and they are effective at low concentrations.

    A classic prank that never stops being funny (at least to you!), Stink Bombs are a great way to deliver the old one two to people's sinus cavities! Anyone unlucky enough to be danger close to one of these bad boys will not be joining you in the hysterical laughter you are sure to be suffering!

    We offer many gag, joke, and prank novelty gifts including stink bombs!

  • We offer many gag, joke, and prank novelty gifts including stink bombs!

    A few changes have been made to tasks as well…the previous 8hr task has now been reduced to 4hrs. Here’s a list of who can now earn Stink Bombs:

Here’s what the stink bomb looks like. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

One version of this results from hiding Easter eggs really well, so that you find them when you're changing the air filter for your air conditioner in the summer. Did you catch my 'I have personal experience' tone? If you want to recreate the stench on purpose you don't have to boil the eggs. Just use a heavyduty pin or needle to poke through the shell of the egg. You can leave the egg in the sun to putrefy, wrapped in foil if you like. I have read that if you want to keep this stink bomb for an extended period of time, it helps to store the egg in salt. I don't know for sure. I am sure when you throw or crush the egg you can expect the usual stink and possibly some nasty odors of decay. This is probably your safest stink bomb.