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Falling water action from the Step2 WaterWheel Play Table encourages hours of outdoor fun!

Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table

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  • No lid, no drain, and a fussy waterwheel.. but my kids adore their Step2 Waterwheel playtable. I'd buy it all over again if I had to and pay the full price! I love that this is a toy that my children will both play together on and have a blast. They do get soaked but that's part of the fun! The Step2 Waterwheel Playtable is definitely worth it.

    Kids have been playing in, with, and around water since the dawn of time. It seems to be a natural inclination for little ones to splash and frolic when a little H2O is anywhere near. Parents, however, aren’t always thrilled about the idea. Since a lot of water can pose a safety risk for small children and even a little of the wet stuff can equate to a colossal mess, kids and parents generally disagree about the appeal of water as a plaything at least some of the time. Thankfully, the Step2 Waterwheel Activity Play Table offers a compromise than everyone (well almost everyone) can live with. Safe, sturdy, and elevated enough to ensure your toddler doesn’t end up playing with mud instead of water, the play table features a waterwheel, several accessories, and plenty of opportunity for relatively mess-free and water-based fun.

  • I don’t know of any young child who doesn’t enjoy playing with water, so fun is almost guaranteed with the Step2 Waterwheel Activity Play Table. What I bet you didn’t guess though is that this toy also promises a learning experience or two. Not only does the table engage curiosity and imagination (two key prerequisites for learning and critical thinking), but it also helps little ones understand the concept of cause and effect as they watch the water fall from the wheel and learn to manipulate it on their own as well.

    What I like about the Step2 waterwheel playtable is that this is a big enough playtable that 2 (and sometimes a 3rd) child can play at it together. My 2 year old is just the right size for it and is able to dump and fill the water bucket without making too much of a mess. I do try to keep her to the shallower side, but that doesn't always work out so well. My son, who is 6, towers over this but is glad to bend over and loves to pour water into the deep side and watch it overflow into the shallow(er) side. He knows how to work the garden hose, so if the water level is not high enough for his liking he will take matters into his own hands.

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  • The Step2 Waterwheel Playtable is a circular water table in shades of pale blue and yellow that stands about 2 feet high off of the ground. Before using it the first time you snap on the 3 legs and then are ready to fill it up and let the water play begin. The table itself is a round plastic basin that is divided into 2 sections (a deep end & a shallow end) and it comes with a few water toys including a water wheel tower, a cup, 2 boats, and a water pitcher (with a hole in it) that sits on top of the water tower. The table fills up in a few minutes (we use the garden hose) and holds approximately 4 gallons of water.

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The Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table is probably Step2’s most popular activity table, but there are a number of great ones to choose from — whether they’re designed for water, sand or both.