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  • EDIT 08:07, 12 December 2005 (UTC) : I created a new section called "Star Destroyers?" specifically for said ships. Aside from some very minor cleaning up (there were a couple spelling and grammatical errors, which I'm a positive nazi about, along with a wee bit of sentence reorganization for clarity), nothing from them has been removed, though a paragraph was tacked on to the end of each saying basically that the article is unbiased on whether or not they are in fact Star Destroyers, as they haven't been stated to technically fall into that category but it has been suggested. Well, I did also change the names of the sections to be technically accurate to RotS:ICS.

    "(Invisible Hand-type, simply for conformity with Dominator-type, Harrow-type, Vengeance-type, Leviathian-type, Ravager-type et al. Precise technical class is unknown.)" It was referred to as a star destroyer in the Battle of Coruscant. I just watched it yesterday. 19:46, 12 December 2005 (UTC)

  • Setting aside the issue of you making deletions while anon and then editing and reshuffling while logged in, justify your revisions of class designations inspite of what LFL puts out and your repeated deletion of the Providence and Invisible Hand entries despite them being star destroyers. --

    I know there was a promotion shot showing what appeared to be a class Star Destroyer in the background on the official site, but I never saw the corresponding scene in the movie., if you have seen this in the DVD, by all means, source your assertion. Take a screenshot and post; there's a lot of fans who would simply love to hear that news. I know there was quite a bit of excitement over what appeared to be a VSD in the background of a shot of General Grievous on the official site, but I never saw it in the movie. 08:01, 6 November 2005 (UTC)

    Lusankya Mistaken for Executor by its builders; the difference was only discovered some time after the rebel conquest of Coruscant. Drawings in Crimson Empire have hull dimensions and gross cortex features identical to Executor. Therefore Lusankya must be 11 miles long, and belongs to the Executor-class.
    Iron Fist
    Razor Kiss
    Must be the same as each other, in order for Zsinj's misidentification ploy to succeed.
    Guardian Must be 11 miles long, because the published illustration is visually indistinguishable from Executor-class. Visual length scaling based on nearby star destroyers is consistent with a length of 11 miles, and inconsistent with a length of 5 miles.
    Terror Features and proportions are sufficiently similar to Executor for this ship to be placed in the same class.
    Intimidator Described as 8km long but also described as “Executor-class.” The latter probably deserves precedence; it should be a 11+ mile vessel.

  • Is "Star Destroyer" a title or a super-class? The opening paragraph alludes to this question in its mention of real-life Naval , but it's not very clear on account of some confusion. In real life the 1906 version of Britain's HMS Dreadnought was a Dreadnought-class dreadnought called Dreadnought; specific class, generic type, name. Is a Star Destroyer a named class of Imperial vessels, or a certain configuration of space fighting vessel used by various galactic organisations? -- 17:10, 21 October 2005 (UTC)

“Concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer!” – Admiral Ackbar

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