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Sheep Sounds and Pictures

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  • MOUTON qui bêle CRI du MOUTON Sheep SOUND - Verso della pecora

    Cri du mouton. Bruit du mouton.
    Bruit d'animaux. Animaux domestiques. Animaux.

    Sheep sounds. Sheep sound. Sheep noise. Sheep sound effect.
    Animal sounds. Pets. Animals.

    Verso della pecora. Verso pecora. Suono pecora.
    Suoni animali. Animali domestici. Animali.

    Sounds of the countryside, sheep sounds
    Relaxation sounds, Nature sounds for sleeping, meditation, reading, calm sounds for yoga, stress relief

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    In another new release, the various artists of “The Crooked Road: Mountains of Music Homecoming 2015” offer a mixed ride of fiddles, ban-jo strumming, maudlin songs and sheep sounds.

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    Sheep Lamb Sound
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    Sheep Lamb Sound

    Sheep sounds are what you’ll hear when the New Ballards Branch Bog-trotters perform “Old Jimmy Sutton,” making “BAA!” noises throughout the song, thanks to the talents of vocalist Leon Frost.

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