(MatchBox) SharkShip Mega Rig - YouTube

His sharkship weighed 211 pounds, and measure eight feet in length

If this video interests you, try the “Sharkship” scene in our Drift Pre-Alpha demo. Let us know what you think. Happy drifting, yall. Derek. Photo.

Matchbox Mega Rig Shark Adventure

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  • The sharks would have four full-time biologists and a dedicated food source on board. Luckily the contract for this stranger than fiction fish tank was terminated after the fall of Gaddafi’s regime and the cruise ship was put on sale. The vessel, now called the PREZIOSA, was bought nine months later by one of the largest cruise companies in the world, MSC Cruises. The 570 million Euro ship set sail on its maiden voyage in March of this year (2013). No longer black in colour, the white ship is cruising now with 4,300 people without sharks on board.

    (Stuffing Not Included)
    The Original Chumbuddy Skin/Cover (stuffing is not included). There is a zipper on its belly for easy installation! Designed by Kendra Phillips in an effort to make sharks (a very misunderstood animal) more cuddly, the chumbuddy cover is a must have addition for any undersea enthusiast! (Will need about 23 lbs. of stuffing/Polyfill)
    SRP $149.95

  • Hannibal Gaddafi commissioned the building of his own cruise ship with its own shark tank. The vessel named PHONECIA was to include a 120 tonne chamber filled with approximately 32,000 gallons of sea water for two white sharks, two blacktip reef sharks and two sand tiger sharks. The ship was to entertain 3,500 guests with elaborate architectural features including marble pillars, giant statues, gold frame mirrors and the shark tank was to be its centerpiece.

    A totally jawsome cupcake kit perfect for toothy tots. The kit features 2 styles of patterned cupcake liners with a range of topper options, including shark fins, danger signs, and pre-assembled sharks. The topper stickers and cupcake liners are embellished with shiny silver foil.
    SRP $13.00


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    Flibbertigibbet said:
    ... Their catch phrases used to captivate me and my pupils would dilate like I was on cocaine.

    That's exactly how I feel when I think of sharks!

  • dudbolt

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    Cool, thanks everyone. I will have to obtain these series for watching. Come to think of it, I have seen one show with sharks in it - at least mechanical sharks - Zoids Shin Seiki.

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Fearsome beasts from the world of Discovery are on the loose! The only thing stopping them from wreaking total havoc are these geared up Matchbox vehicles! Launch the clamp or swing the claw to nab the beast and haul it away in the vehicle before its terrifying rampage continues. Can the Shark Week sharks be trapped? Will the Monster Week Beast be captured? Find out with the Matchbox Creature Rides! Set out to save the world with the Matchbox Discovery Channel creature vehicles. Find them before they find you!
Ages 3+; SRP $6.99
Available July 2016