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I love learning toys. Winning SchoolZone’s Little Scholar Tablet would be awesome!

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  • Edmonton Public Schools SchoolZone website is a closed website that provides students and parents in the district with information about coursework, school events, resources, progress reports and class enrollment options.

    “American Woman, stay away from me. American woman, mama let me be!” There are few companies that put as much effort and dedication into their product as SCHOOLZONE HATS. Their latest drop for Summer ’13 is the “American Woman” snapback cap. The cap uses the red, white, and blue motif of the American Flag. Stars and stripes cover the under and top of the brim respectively. A silhouette of a woman is embroidered on the front panel in the same style of the American Flag. Click the buy now button below to read more about this incredibly detailed cap and make your purchase.

  • SchoolZone accounts are automatically opened for parents once their children are registered in the Edmonton Public Schools district. Some specific information that SchoolZone displays includes student attendance records, student progress reports, links to homework resources, volunteer opportunities in the school or district, access to the Google apps for SchoolZone and yellow school bus tracking. Parents and students can access SchoolZone, and even print progress reports, from any computer or smartphone with an Internet connection.

    Verity looks after 70,000 Schoolzone members - no mean feat! If you take part in any of our research work, it will almost certainly be Verity with whom you liaise.

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    1) Teachers are evidently concerned about the rise of MATs
    An important bellwether of the success of MATs are classroom teachers. They, after all, are experiencing their effects in the classroom every day. A by research house SchoolZone has found teachers have serious concerns. 71% disagreed with the idea that most schools will have to form or join MATs. Only 11% agreed. A greater 79% of teachers are opposed to the further development of MATs.

Schoolzone | The World of David Walliams

“We are calling on all three Ministers (Local Government, Roads and Police) to create a taskforce which constantly monitors all Councils so that safety comes before parking meters.

“Our children are our greatest asset. In NSW, we have some of the toughest legislation in the world for schoolzone parking offences. But most of these Councils will not enforce these laws for fear of upsetting the natives (the voters, rate-payers and residents). Their parking officers can spot an expired meter from Mars, but can’t see a pantechnicon with its hazard lights flashing, parked across a children’s pelican crossing.