You Win When Your Employees Play Retail Sales Games

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The Big Book of Sales Games: Quick, Fun Activities for Improving Selling Skills or Livening Up a Sales Meeting

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  • Your first step is – it’s not an inborn skill, you have to teach the process. Your next big challenge is to keep them selling at peak performance. Retail sales games are a fun and inexpensive way to inspire your retail sales staff to practice their higher level selling skills. Here are some of our favorites:

    Without a team of hungry “sales hounds” on your floor you’ll work much harder than necessary to make your retail store profitable. So start right now training your retail employees to be sales superstars and then keep them hungry by playing retail sales games for prizes – you both win!

  • Sales games are a way to keep your sales team engaged and motivated, ultimately improving overall performance. It's important to take the time to get to know your sales team better so you can identify which games work best. Certain games will prove more popular with staff, while other games are better suited toward achieving specific results. Whether you choose one style of game or a variety of different styles, motivational games are a great way to add excitement to any sales department.

    Salespeople who earn commissions have built-in motivation: the more they sell, the more they earn. But not all sales jobs work that way. Some sales reps earn little or no commission. Even commissioned salespeople sometimes have a hard time getting their juices flowing. Sales incentive games provide motivation for commission and non-commission-based employees in your small business.

  • The following party games for consultants all pertain to direct sales games revolving around geography and songs. For a complete list of hundreds of different party games for consultants, please see the index at the bottom of the page.

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Guest always have fun with these party games for consultants. It's amazing how hard these questions, simply naming the states, can be! Try for yourself. You may want to reward the guest with the least amount of points at your direct sales home parties for playing these direct sales games!