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  • It should be apparent that the rocker recliner chair and mechanism as described herein possesses the attributes set forth in this specification. Because the invention can be modified to some extent without departing from its principles as they have been outlined and explained in the specification, the present invention should be understood as encompassing all such modifications as are within the spirit ad scope of the following claims.

    A need exists, therefore, for improved rocking reclining chair mechanisms that securely lock the chair to prevent rocking motion when the ottoman is in the extended position, while permitting the ottoman to reach a greater height for enhanced comfort. A need also exists for a rocking reclining chair that requires a reduced number of parts, so that manufacturing is more efficient and economical. A need also exists for a rocking reclining chair mechanism that can be operated easily by the user in comfort.

  • Reclining chairs may be more comfortable if the chair's ottoman (also known as a leg rest or footrest) can be elevated and extended while the back of the chair is tilted rearward to allow the user to comfortably recline with his or her feet raised. A higher degree of elevation (or pitch) of the ottoman may provide a higher degree of comfort. However, a reclining chair that includes a rocker arrangement may become unstable when the ottoman is elevated and extended, unless a locking mechanism is provided to prevent rocking movement of the chair when the ottoman is in the extended position. Typical examples of prior art rocking reclining chairs that include locking mechanisms are shown in U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,000,754 and 4,601,513. Such mechanisms, which are typically handle-operated can be complex and include many pans in their linkages. A complex mechanism may be more difficult to manufacture and assemble, and may also require the user to apply an undesirable amount of force to the handle to operate the mechanism.

    The present invention relates to a rocker reclining chair and a mechanism for such a chair, and especially to a rocker reclining chair and mechanism which provides a greater degree of comfort to a user, provides enhanced stability, particularly when the ottoman of the chair is extended, provides enhanced ease of operation, and which may require a reduced number of parts to manufacture.

  • Rocking reclining chairs, or rocker recliners, are reclining chairs that rock when the recliner is in an upright position. The frame of a rocker recliner typically includes a stationary base frame and a rocking frame. The rocking frame is attached to the seating surfaces and is supported by a pair of rocking cams. The rocking cams rest and reciprocate on the base frame to produce the rocking motion. The rocking frame and the base frame are also connected via a spring box which maintains contact between the rocking cams and the base frame during rocking and limits the rocking motion to prevent instability of the recliner. The spring box also biases the rocking cams, and hence the seating surfaces, to a neutral upright position when the rocker recliner is not being urged forward or backward during rocking. Due to potential instability of the recliner in the TV and fully reclined positions, most rocker recliners include a mechanism for automatically inhibiting rocking motion when in the reclined positions. Rocking is typically inhibited by a set of stops that extend down from the upper part of the rocking frame and onto the base frame or rocking cams as the footrest is extended.

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This invention relates generally to rocking reclining chairs, and more particularly to a rocking reclining chair having a lock for preventing the chair from rocking while in reclined and unreclined positions.