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  • The robot connects to your PC via USB port. The Boe-Bot robot kit comes with everything needed for assembly and experimentation except four . Supporting content and technical support available online. Made by Parallax.

    Need a cool gift idea? Hankering to build a robot army? These Arduino-powered robotics kits are affordable, expandable, and the perfect way to learn robotics OR conquer your enemies.

  • Made as a robotics kit for the everyman, the make building, customizing, and programming your own robot accessible to anyone — even if you don't have a degree in engineering or computer science. With three chassis available (a hexapod, a humanoid, and a tracked roller) you can build on each with modular components like arms, legs, servos, sensors, and cameras. Their EZ-Builder software lets you construct robots digitally before assembling them, and write programs with a simple-to-use interface, letting you share your creations across the community. And for those feeling a little more adventurous, you can even 3D-print pieces for your robot at home.

    The Clawbot Mobile Robot w/ Gripper Kit is the foundation robot kit in the VEX Robotics Design System. Included as the basic robot in all kits, the step by step instructions guide users in assembling the robot as they learn to work with the VEX Robotics Design system.

    The Cubelets system is based on the principle that robots should not necessarily need complex programming or assembly. The system  uses modular cubes called “cubelets” which easily connect to one another to make complex systems. For example, connect a battery cubelet with a flashlight cubelet and have a working flashlight. Connect a drive cubelet to a battery cubelet and a distance cubelet and you have a robot which moves according to its distance to an object. Several Cubelets kits are available, and each individual Cubelet is also available separately.

    Robotis OLLO kits are inexpensive motorized kits which you build using simple modular plastic parts. Basic kits include only a motor while more complex kits include a small programmable microcontroller, motors, sensors and more. Additional parts such as sensors, motors and even a remote control are available separately if you want to expand your robot’s capabilities.

  • Zook, a freshman at in Bellevue, and Lee, a junior from near Redmond, are members of the VEX IQ robotics team, Wasabi, and after seeing photos and blog posts from a fellow teammate who brought robotics kits to the Philippines to share with the children there, they figured out what they would do.

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• Updated version of Starter Robot Kit V1.0
• Me BaseBoard V1.0 with reduced size and easier to use
• Can be used to build a robot tank or a three-wheeled robot car
• Includes ultrasonic range finder, IR remote control and IR receiver