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  • So if your child seems to be amazed by robotics and things you can control with a remote, check out our ultimate list of the top 10 best robot toys for kids:

    Put simply robots are a machine that can sense, think and act. Building your own robot is a lot of fun! Plus, building robot toys provides play driven learning opportunities that explore design, engineering, and emergent behavior in complex systems.

  • Some of the best moments I’ve had with my own son over the past year were when we were working together putting together his . It comes with over 600 pieces, and some of them are rather small, which is why it’s recommended for ages 10+ (although, my 7 year old had no problem following the directions with a little help). This kit allows you to build your own personal robot, program him and play with him. The G15 was a hot commodity this past Christmas, and it has become a favorite choice for robot toys for kids.

    Meet MOSS, part robot construction system, part mind-boggling robo-tech from the future. These little building blocks of invention combine to create a universe of robot toys. Harness your inner inventor and see what you can build!


    Robot Toys

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    Robot Toys were very Popular in the 1940's and 1950's through simple Mechanical Tin Robots


    Various popular culture films from the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's have produced many Robot Toys Eg Star Wars and Transformer toys.


    In the early 1990's Sony brought out the AIBO Dog

    It was not until 2004 that robot toys became a mass market product through the introduction of Wowwee's Robosapien

    Robot Toy Future- It was sad to see the demise of the popular Sony AIBO Dog,

    however technology is evolving all the time.


    We will bring you what's new in the field of robot toys once the new generation has arrived.

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    Japanese tin-toy makers picked up on that immediately. Space and robot toys were indicative of the times, where all of a sudden we lived in a world with atomic bombs and rockets. It was part of a great trend that included the automation of everything from sewing and washing machines, to cars with automatic rather than manual transmissions. It was natural to see the next frontier as a place filled with beings that would do the work of humans, and also help humankind to become more technologically advanced.

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Robot toys have always been a source of inspiration and fascination to the inquisitive minds of children and provide the perfect introduction to the world of technology, in the fields of both mechanics and electronics and of course they are great fun to play with, for kid’s of all ages.