Our Rilakkuma Big Pillow comes in two sizes…Large, and X-Large!

Rilakkuma Pillow Cushion – $30 (If get 2, it will be $55)

I love the Rilakkuma Fat Pillow! My kids would love one!
San-x Rilakkuma Pillow
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Rilakkuma Pillow

Rilakkuma Relax Bear Cute Nice Pillows Plush Hold Pillow 65cm

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  • I bought the Korilakkuma pillow and it arrived in 7 days. The pillow is overall very soft and big. The quality of it is very nice! No loose threads on it. Would definitely recommend buying this! :)

    This Rilakkuma Pillow ranks pretty high up on our favorite Rilakkuma products on this site because its cuteness and functionality. The adorable plushie doubles as a functional pillow or head rest or can be used as a decorative object in your room or call. The pillow is soft and squishy, filled with a sort of polyurethane foam (the same material you find inside a stress ball). This product measures to lxwxh = 14x5x9 inches.

  • saroro are buying instax mini? the pink one is really cute and rilakkuma's! alaa really :s but takpa next time you go, aim for jeju! Daddy is driving danny chenery and I home. What a saint. We are cuddling a massive Rilakkuma pillow, and probably will fall asleep on the way. mr spock ah yes we can have hello kitty/rilakkuma everything and have a huge kawaii paradise. please tag things like rilakkuma/korilakkuma, panda bears, bunnies, hydrangeas, and cupakes with kelly ww i'll love you forever!

    Relax and be comfortable with Rilakkuma plush pillow! “Rilakkuma” literally means “bear in relaxed mood” in Japanese language. This soft and cuddly Rilakkuma plush can be used as a pillow or a cushion, and will help you be total stress-free at home!

  • Relax and take your afternoon siestas with the cutest bear in the animal kingdom. The Rilakkuma plush pillow will provide you with comfort and support as you drift softly to sleep, making him the ultimate bedtime snuggle buddy.

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