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We are the first in the UK to be selling the 12 volt version of the extremely popular Audi TT style ride on cars. This 12V Twin Mo..

BMW i8 Concept 6-volt Electric Ride-On Car, White/Black/Blue

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  • The is a super cool ride on car for toddlers. The car has a long handle so you can push your child along. There are two cup holders: one for you and one for your child, plus a honking horn. There is also extra storage under the hood. The car’s handle folds flat for easy storage. If your child doesn’t want to walk, take him for a car ride instead!

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  • They have a neat solution for this which is why I would say it's a good present for even a 1 year old - the car has a parent's remote control that overrides the on car controls!

    What IS a Ride On Car? First things first, let s go over what exactly these cars are. Ride On Cars are (almost) full functioning cars for kiddos ages 1-5. Power Wheels Kids cars are electric & battery...

    Ride On Car
    MPN Batmobile
    Age Group 2-5 Years
    Max Speed 3-4 Mph
    Battery 6v 10Ah
    Utility Time 1-2 Hours
    Operate Remote control for adults supervision - manually (for Kids)
    Switch ON/OFF - Forward/Backward
    Lights Headlight, Center Lights & Muti-Color Center Light.
    Seat Belt Yes
    Others Works On: Hard Surface and Grass

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Kids 12V Audi Q7 Style Ride On Car

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