Is it normal fot GTA V to use up 14GB Ram

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The Annis RE-7B is a 2-door endurance racing car featured in GTA V Online, as part of the Cunning Stunts...

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  • It is again going to be a busy week for GTA V fanatics. We may not have GTA V Heists just yet, but Rockstar are instead putting their focus into the – offering the Albany Alpha, Grotti Turismo R and Dinka Jester cars.

    heu avec ma HD radeon 6770, je fait tourner GTAIV en 1920*1080 (je joue sur une télé FullHD de 64cm) tout en élevée, et le jeu est aussi fluide que sur 360 (je l'ai aussi dessus)

  • Yo you guys can get the cars right now if you want, go to dashboard then search gta v in the store then go to extras then all the way to the right is the buisness update and u can drive all the cars in only story mode though. The aloha is just like a super diamond but the front of the car is really nice. The jester is small like the vector and has a large spoiler in the back once upgraded and u can see the engine in the back window. And the turismo pretty much looks like the cheetah but way faster. Also the heavy pistol has low fire rate but good damage and ammo capacity. And the special carbine is great but low in accuracy. Idk what the plane is like though.

    One last edit: If you have never played GTA IV with the realistic driving mods then you have yet to experience the true GTA IV engine. The original config files only made GTA IV's driving engine seem like sh*t when it was really one of the most perfect engines for any driving game.

  • Anyone who says GTA V handling is good or that GTA IV is unrealistic, then you have never driven a car in real life, or you have only driven one or two cars your entire life. GTA IV had TOO SOFT OF SUSPENSION and too much body roll with a dash of not enough grip in the tires. Like I have stated before. Stiffened springs and about 30% more grip on tires and the GTA IV driving would be perfect. Unrealistic enough to the point of where it is fun to drive, yet realistic enough to the point of where you have to brake to corner and have to have normal driving habits. (Which I doubt 99.9999999% of you have ever pushed their car to the limits on a track or on an abandoned street which means you have no clue how limited cars really are.)

    GTA V handling by itself is not bad. Hell its much better then NFS Hot Pursuit 2010. But it was a step in the wrong direction. This thread isn't about whether GTA V's driving engine is bad, Its about was the GTA V driving engine a step in the wrong direction (which it was) and how can this be fixed.

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I don't think you understood me, mate. I DONT WANT REALISM, but it seems like every one who is complaining about GTAV's driving are saying they want realistic driving like GTAIV. All I said was I don't think GTAIV's driving was realistic either.