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  • The above goal conditions for positively affecting motivation and performance have commonly been referred to as SMART goals. Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson first developed the SMART goal system when branching the concept of goal theory beyond academia into the area of management and leadership (Blanchard, Zigarmi, & Zigarmi, 1985). The meanings for the of Blanchard and Spencer’s SMART goals have evolved over time and the modern definitions are represented in the figure below:

    "I think there are definitely opportunities to have conversations about how we can better collaborate and partner to support youth sports," she said.

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    Section. Arc Length and Sector Area Arc Length Definition If a central angle, in a circle of a radiu r, cut off an arc of length, then the meaure of, in radian i: r r r r ( in radian) Note: When applying the formula r, the value of mut be in radian. Example A central angle in a circle of radiu 3 cm cut off an arc of length 6 cm. What i the radian meaure of. r 6 cm 3 cm rad 11

  • Area of a Sector A ector of a circle i a portion of the interior of a circle intercepted by a central angle. A r r r A 1 r Area of ec tor A Central angle Area of circle One full rotation r Definition If (in radian) i a central angle in a circle with radiu r, then the area of the ector formed by an angle i given by A 1 r ( in radian) Example Find the area of the ector formed by a central angle of 1.4 radian in a circle of radiu.1 meter Given: r =.1 m = 1.4 A 1 r 1 (.1) (1.4) 3.1m 14

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There are several definitions of 2 that are only sometimes equivalent. One class of such cases includes that of where 2 is used instead of 2. When an is included, then 2 is simply the square of the sample (i.e., ) between the outcomes and their predicted values. If additional are included, 2 is the square of the . In both such cases, the coefficient of determination ranges from 0 to 1.