Subject: Re: [R] creating character vector

Is there a way to convince R to create a character vector without using the quotes?

Character Witness

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  • Okay, it happens to be that my favorite character is the CMO of a marketing team: Knows things, everything. The infographic says: “The one who knows everything about marketing and make strategis that will work.” Pretty self-explanatory.

    Okay, fair enough; so, I don’t know how these guys pull it off, but the guys at have identified the similarities of some of the most popular GoT characters with the roles in a marketing team. I don’ know what about you, but I find the similarities quite striking and obvious.

  • Perhaps it’s typical, but my favorite character is always Tyrion Lannister a.k.a. “The imp.” He’s very smart and cunning, and as others always – I mean, always – underestimate him, he’s smart enough to use the whole situation to his advantage.

    I think one of Game of Thrones’ interesting features – other than predicting who’s going to sit on the Iron throne – is its list of characters – there are dozens of them, and each of them has an interesting background story. In my opinion, the uniqueness of every character is what makes GoT successful to date.

    Character R r
    Encodings decimal hex decimal hex
    Unicode 82 U+0052 114 U+0072
    UTF-8 82 52 114 72
    Numeric character reference R R r r
    EBCDIC family 217 D9 153 99
    ASCII 1 82 52 114 72


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