new to this site, How do I get directions for this puzzle board?

Jigboard 1000: Puzzle board for 1000 pieces: For most jigsaws up to 1000 pieces (29.5" x 20.5")

Bits and Pieces - Standard Size Wooden Puzzle Plateau-Smooth Fiberboard Work Surface - Four Sliding Drawers Complete This Puzzle Storage System

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  • Please let me know how to purchase the plans for this puzzle board…awesome! Does anyone else sell one already built similar to this? Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    Jigboard takes the best features of many different styles of jigsaw boards and combines them together to make the ULTIMATE puzzle board! They are of rigid construction and completely covered in a special soft fabric that makes them a joy to work with. The fact that the board is rigid means that you can place it on the smallest coffee table and still be able to construct large puzzles without any hassle.

  • I see that your blog now says you aren’t making the puzzle boards anymore–but I would REALLY REALLY like one. Do you still have any to sell? I just visited a friend in Illinois this weekend and she had one. I know my Mom would LOVE one of these for Christmas. Any possible way you could consider making one for me?

    We find that many people don't want to pack away their jigsaw puzzle after each puzzling session so they leave it on a table ready for the next time. The problem is that the individual puzzle pieces then have no protection – they can easily be lost, particularly if your cat or dog regards your puzzle board as a comfortable place to snuggle down!

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    Purchase jigsaw puzzle board without polyurethane coating

    $49.99 ea

    Purchase jigsaw puzzle board with polyurethane coating

    $59.99 ea

    I would love to order one of your puzzle boards. I tried finding your Esty shop, but was not successful. I’d like a board approximately 21″x 29″. Please let me know how I can get more information.

Adjustable Tilt Puzzle Board, Easy on the Neck and Back

With our busy schedule it can take a long time for us to complete a puzzle. The cats are constantly knocking pieces on the floor or stuff is being set on the puzzle. So to solve this problem, my husband made me a wonderful puzzle board that can easily be placed on the lower shelf of our coffee table. :)