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Prince Lionheart Bebepod is great

Prince Lionheart bebePOD Flex Plus Baby Seat, Green/Kiwi

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  • the prince lionheart bebe pod was purchased used online, but i bought the one that was the plus version, this included a tray that snapped in and a toy that snapped onto the tray and 2 placemats.

    my daughter was 4 months when we began using this prooduct. the kiwi color is a perfect neutral one that can be used for either boys or girls and can be used with multiple pregnancies.

    the quality of the item is 100%. it is soft enough to provide comfort and not hurt their little tush's but its hard enough to provide adequate support and wont fold over, sink over time, or easily tear.

    the tray that came was plastic, not sure if it was bpa free, but i doubt kids would put it into their mouths, so it shuld be fine. it was not too think or as heavy as a highchair tray, but its perfect for putting books or toys on top of.

    i really love this item because it is lkight enough to carry to people's homes so baby has someplace to sit. also great for travelling so baby can use this as a highchair.

    Great until baby knows how to use their legs to push up and back, potentially toppling backwards if not seated against a wall or sofa

    The quality of the materials used are great, it lasts months Nd months while still looking and feeling new. It doesn't dip in the seat area and it doesn't stain.

    I would give this a 3.5 stars because I find it is a short lived item ESP if ur child is above the charts in ht and wt. in fact I never used it for my son bc he was too fat while he was young to fit in comfortably. It would have lasted me maybe a month with him, but lasted my daughter a good five six months,

    Again, just be sure not to put inaam top of a table chair counter or can unexpectedly push up and topple

    Ease of Cleaning
    Wipes clean easily. Can use a Lysol wipe. Or sponge and water,

    I bought the Prince Lionheart bebePod Seat for my infant over a year ago. We used it for several months while she was learning to sit on her own. I really enjoyed this product, as it allowed her to sit on her own and feel like she was part of the rest of the world. It also gave me a chance to free up my hands a little. I always had myself or another adult sitting right next to her at all times, as this product is not intended for a child to be left alone in.

    The only thing I don't like about this product is the very strong chemical odor that it emitted from the moment we took it out of the package. I washed it several times with soap and water, and it still had a chemical smell to it. This bothered me a great deal, because I try very hard to raise my children with as little chemicals as possible.

    I would most likely recommend this product to a friend, but I would first warn them about the chemical smell and would encourage them to wipe it off before using it.

    I felt secure having my infant sit in this (under adult supervision, of course)

    Lasted through several months of use and trips to visit family

    I like the overall design of it, but I do NOT like the smell that it emits. I try to buy natural products for my baby, and this chemical type smell does not fit this.

    The only use that I can recommend this product for is for having your infant sit up while you sit next to him or her. I would never recommend it for use in the bath-tub or at the table, as that is not what this product is intended for.

    Ease of Cleaning
    Can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth

  • I bought the Prince Lionheart BebePod seat and really love it. I really like to use this item and it works very well. I have used my Bebepod from the time my baby was 3 months and now have passed it down to my new baby. I love that you can use it as a seat to help them sit upright, but you can also use it as a feeding table or play table. The seat comes with a tray that is very easy to take on and off. I purchased a red Bebepod and it was really cute because it came with a watermelon place mat. I thought it was super adorable. The placemat is even reversible to a different design on the back. The Bebepod also came with a wheely toy which connects easily to the tray. This toy is great and keeps baby entertained for a long time. I really like that the Bebepod is stable and keeps my baby safe. The leg openings fit my baby very well and I have never had any issues at all regarding my Bebepod. I will definitely keep using it for our future children.

    Prince Lionheart Bebepod Flex Plus (Red)
    The only product that provides floor seat to booster seat flexibility
    Soft, durable and easy to clean
    Ergonomic design with high back and wide leg openings to provides optimal support for baby learning to sit
    Detachable pommel allows for tray to be attached, with reusable placemat for feeding or attachable toy for play time
    Can be used on the floor or attached to a dining chair

  • We used the Prince Lionheart bebePod with our daughter when she was learning to sit up. It was such a great find for us! Our daughter was trying to sit up on her own, but we really didn't have anything that helped her. Her swing reclined too far and was not adjustable. Her bouncy seat had the same problem. Whenever I put her down in one or the other I felt bad because she would try to sit upright, but couldn't since her seats were designed for a more reclined position. I was so happy to find this seat on sale! She loved sitting next to me, watching everything that I did. We used the seat for meals and for sitting outside. She loved to sit outside next to us while we worked in the flower beds. It was a lifesaver at the grandparents' houses, too. We were able to just toss it in the car and use it at mealtimes instead of a highchair. It takes up so little space, it's perfect for travel, especially when you're going places where there may not be highchairs available. She did outgrow it pretty quickly. We enjoyed using very much, so it was definitely worth what we paid for it.

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The Prince Lionheart BebePOD Flex Plus is an awesome addition to any home that has a little one. Victory has used it since she was only 3 months old and couldn't sit up unassisted. It comes with a removable tray and cute toy and can be used on the floor or attached to a dining room/kitchen chair. She is now 9 months old weighs 18 pounds and uses it mostly as a booster seat when we are away from home. The reusable place mat is cute but doesn't really work, it sticks up versus being snug and I am not a big fan of it's material. Something sturdier and snugger would be a better choice for a place mat, however the chair itself is very good quality. I like how the BebePOD securely attaches itself to chairs of all sizes. I would have liked if the straps where removable somehow as they are white and babies tend to be messy eaters however they do not and have to be spot cleaned. Victory will continue to use it until she outgrows it. Overall the chair has more pros than cons and Victory and I would definitely recommend it. We give it 4 stars!