Download the user manual of the TWIN700 portable DVD player (FR)

Mount your portable DVD player easily to your car headrest. You can enjoy DVD movies on the road.

Sylvania SDVD1332 13.3-Inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player with USB/SD Card Reader

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  • Many people have huge collections of DVDs, and the travel DVD players on this lineup will allow you to watch all of your movies. In fact, some of the DVD players have memory card or USB ports, so you can access some of your downloaded videos, music and pictures. With one of the top portable DVD players, you and your kids will be able to take a piece of your home entertainment with you on your next vacation.

    When you are looking for a new portable DVD player, the most important feature is its video and audio quality. Also, we looked closely at the batteries, and tested their actual life against their advertised life.

  • The key advantages to a portable DVD player are its ability to play the movies you already own and its built-in LCD screen. While many people turn to smartphones and tablets for entertainment, they have a serious storage problem, so some people still prefer to grab a DVD off the shelf, rather than constantly thinking about storage capacity. Most of the players on this list come with a car power adapter, so you can watch for several hours at a time, while smartphones, tablets and laptops require a separate adapter to charge in the car. Because DVDs do not display high-definition video, few players offer HD screens. In fact, the only two that have HD displays – the Pyle PDH14 and the Ematic EPD105 – only utilize its HD capabilities when viewing a 720p video from SD card or USB drive.

    Battery Life: How Long Will It Really Last?
    Most portable DVD players come with built-in batteries, and manufacturers promise playback times between two and five hours. We decided to test these claims by playing DVDs on loop with the screen set to its maximum brightness. Then, we timed each device to see how long it would play before shutting down. We found a large variety of test results. Some players promised a shorter battery life than they delivered, while a few others could not live up to their promises. The biggest surprise was the Audiovox DS2058, which promises five hours playback time on a full charge but delivered over eight hours during our test.

    Portable DVD Player

  • Number of Headphone Ports 1
    height 9.8 in.
    Features Integrated Speaker
    Video Signal Format NTSC; PAL
    video formats DVD Video; Video CD; MPEG-4
    battery type lithium polymer
    width 11.1 in.
    package contents 7" Portable DVD Player; Headphones; Carrying Bag; AC/DC Power Adapter; User Manual
    depth 7.1 in.
    Product Name 7" Portable DVD Player with Matching Headphones and Bag
    manufacturer Ematic

    Many portable DVD players come with output cables for standard TVs, which allows you to watch movies on a larger screen even if your hotel lacks a . If you’re ready to start upgrading your video library to Blu-ray, we also have reviews on both and . If you’re looking for a portable DVD player to entertain your children in the car, another great road trip option is a . Finally, we have several to offer more help with your purchasing decision.

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RCA Portable DVD Player Travel Case: Fits portable DVD players with screen sizes from 7 to 10 Attaches to automobile headrest for mobile viewing Case flips open for rear-seat viewing and can be closed when not in use Dimensions: 3.7. L x 11. W x 7.5. H