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PLAYMOBIL Playground Set

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  • Anti-gun advocates in the U.K. are calling a Playmobil set, sold at Toys R Us, "horrendous" because it features a bank robber character that comes equipped with a tiny handgun.

    But putting out a set with pioneers and Indians killing each other without any context for the 5-year-old that will be playing with it is reckless. I’m sure not every kid who opens that fort is getting a lecture about Native Americans. And yes, we do live in liberal San Francisco. When my son talks about getting a Playmobil wedding set, I’m sure he wouldn’t be at all surprised if the set had two men or two women on the altar. Now that is something I’d like to see, Playmobil.

  • Playmobil gets lumped together with Lego in people’s minds and it’s easy to see why. They’re competitors, often found near each other in the toy aisles. Both toylines are made by European companies that in the 1970s began selling sets featuring a variety of similar play themes and miniature figures. But there are some important differences, such as the fact that Lego is a building system while Playmobil is not. But one other, somewhat subtle difference is that Lego sets generally play it safe while Playmobil sets occasionally display a dark sense of humor and subversiveness. Don’t believe me? Check out 17 of the Playmobil sets least appropriate for children.

    Some people like to blame all of society’s ills on children’s entertainment instead of bad parenting. Jimmy learned his murderous ways by playing Grand Theft Auto, you see? So, when Bobby leans the kitchen table against the wall, straps his sister to its surface and begins hurling Mom’s best steak knives at her, who’s to blame? Playmobil and its Knife-throwing Circus Act set, of course. And for good measure, the circus act also included guns. It was one of the Playmobil sets that came with markers, too, so you could color on the blood.

    Policeman & Tramp
    Playmobil Set 5504 Review Capsule
    An old set, but a good one. Quite possibly the only shoeless alcoholic vagrant toy aimed at gradeschoolers, this is a toy that's sure to please even the most sour twentysomething. Our policeman and bum set was under $16 shipped via eBay.

  • Playmobil 4015 Super Set Activity Playground by Playmobil. $34.02. SuperSet Activity Playground. Comes with 4 people, complete playground and more. Exclusive 2013 Playmobil Collection. Playmobil Super set. Ages 4 and Up. SuperSet Activity Playground

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Most Playmobil sets require some assembly by the owner. Buildings especially come with detailed instructions for putting them together. Playmobil building parts were originally designed to fit together using a system of tabs and slots known as "Steck-System". In recent years a new construction system has been introduced that dispenses with the tabs and instead uses small connector pieces and a special tool. This is known as "System-X" and is now the standard Playmobil construction system, Steck-System having been retired except for special reissues.