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Jimmie had imagined this emergency, and decided to play safe.

There aint any call to play safe any longer, and those dogs are the worst bother we have.

Play Safe (Make the Play Book 1)

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  • The State had received only 114.66 TMC upto August end this yearas against the normal flow of 215.70 tmc with the deficit being47.27 per cent. The deficit had further increased to 47.94 tmctaking into account the inflows as of September 6. The State couldnesure only 33 TMC at Biligundlu by the end of August on the basisof proportionately as specified by the Tribunal and further as ofSeptember 5 the flows were 36 TMC. Tamil Nadu, according to theofficial, had ignored the distress condition in Karnataka whiledemanding 50.052 tmc at Biligundlu. The situation currently faced was akin to that of 2012-13 when theSupreme Court had directed the state to release 10,000 cusecs onSeptember 10 for eight days after a plea by the State Counsel FS Nariman who had informed the apex court as a good gesture thestate could do so. Even in the present juncture Mr Nariman hadstated that Karnataka could release 10,000 cusecs for six days, butthe Supreme court enhanced the quantum and the number of days. In2012-13 the live storage position was around 67 tmc ft, while atpresent the storage was only 46.7 tmc ft. Karnataka wanted to ensure that it played safe with the Apex Courtas its main petition challenging the final award of the CauveryWater Dispute Tribunal is coming up for hearing on October 18. Apart seeking from the Apex Court to modify its latest order, theGovernment would also be shortly communicating to the Supervisorycommittee, that replaced the Cauvery River Authority to review thedistress situation after hearing both the sides. During 2012-13 itsfindings were in favour of Karnataka, the official indicated. UNI CNR MSP CS 1610

    Basically, Ivey and her older brother Casey came from a really horrible messed up family. When things got really bad and Ivey was attacked, Casey beat up her attacker and they has been on the run every since, going from town to town, hustling people to make ends meet. Its not the life Ivey wanted, but it was the only life she’d known. But she always had to play it safe – never make any connections. But when they paseds through the town of Mustang, Ivey met Grayson Cody – who was a beyond-swoony Alpha cowboy rancher. They both felt this pull towards each other but Ivey was wary of making connections. When she got attacked, and Gray stepped in to save her and took her home to keep her safe, it became harder and harder to ignore the fact they had something really serious to explore between them.

  • If you want to give your kids some play-time with your phone, Play Safe offers a free and easy way to protect your apps and data. Now you just have to figure out how to keep them from dropping it.

    When the time comes to exit Play Safe, you simply hold down the app’s logo for three seconds. Older kids might be able to figure this out, which is why the developers will soon be adding password protection.

    Play Safe
    Film poster
    Directed by Joseph Henabery
    Produced by Monty Banks
    Howard Estabrook
    Written by Charles Horan
    Henry Sweet
    Starring Monty Banks
    Virginia Lee Corbin
    Cinematography Blake Wagner
    Monty Banks Productions
    Distributed by Pathe Exchange
    Release dates
    • January 10, 1927 (1927-01-10)
    Running time
    50 minutes (5 reels)
    Country United States
    Language Silent film
    English intertitles

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    Specifically, it provides a friendly front-end for a hand-picked-by-you selection of apps. When you want to give your young one a turn with the phone, you just run Play Safe, then rest easy in the knowledge that he or she won’t be able to do anything but run the apps you’ve sanctioned.

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Those of us who have kids say things like “I want my children to have more than I had.” yet we hold them back by giving them the advice to play safe. They grow up trying to play safe instead of the fearlessness God blessed them with.