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Peach Pink Wii Remote Plus Announced - IGN

Nintendo Wii Remote Plus, Pink - Bulk packing

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  • Showing up in stores later this month, the Peach Pink Wii remote isn't just a lovely color. It's got a crown over the speaker, blue buttons that simulate royal jewels and a yellow d-pad to suggest Princess Peach's actual crown. With that much thought put into design, how can I not spend $39.99 on it?

    The Peach Pink Wii Remote Plus is not the first themed controller from Nintendo. It joins other options such as a red Mario controller and a green Luigi one. Naturally, it is compatible with all of the games you might play with a more standard controller.

  • Second, it comes bundled with a pink Wii Remote Plus. Nintendo of America bundled Flingsmash with a black colored Wii Remote Plus. Japan also has another Wii Remote Plus bundle, a new 5,800 yen ($72) Wii Sports Resort package includes a blue colored Wii Remote Plus.

    In addition to its pink body, the Peach Pink Wii Remote Plus boasts a white crown insignia over the speaker, blue buttons along the middle, and a gold d-pad to remind players that at the end of the day, Princess Toadstool is the one wearing the crown.

  • In November 2009, a black Wii MotionPlus was released to coincide with the release of the black Wii console. Bundles containing a black Wii Remote and MotionPlus attachment were also released. In North America, all black, blue, and pink Wii remotes are bundled with a MotionPlus. The Wii Remote Jacket accompanying each black Wii Remote is itself black, while the jacket in blue and pink bundles is the standard translucent color. In a 2010 Nintendo Conference, the Wii Remote Plus was announced, which places the function of the MotionPlus into a regular sized Wii remote.

Princess Peach Wii Remote Plus - Pink - Nintendo - Toys "R" Us

I purchased the Pink Wii Remote, since we were short one remote. I just have to say we now fight for the pink remote. My daughter loves using the Pink remote. Pink ROCKS!!