Meet the piggy bank for the 21st century.™

Why not sell your books and break into your very own “paperback piggybank”?

Carters Smiley Happy Piggy Bank, Silver

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  • Encourage your daughter to start saving her money in style! This personalized piggy bank has polka dot style! The glossy white piggy bank is decorated with pink, purple and green polka dots. Perfect colors and style for a girl who is ready to save up her money to buy her favorite shoes and clothes! There is a slot on the top where she can deposit dollar bills or coins. Money can be removed from the bottom. We can write her name on the back of the bank too! This a great gift to give as a birthday present to a daughter or granddaughter.

    Looking for a place to keep all that loose change you’ve been saving up since you gave up on tipping the baristas at the Starbucks? Keep ’em all in this whimsical piggy bank that chows down on your coinage before it heads deep into its porty, porky belly.

  • A Piggy Bank is a storage container for coins, typically used by children to teach them lessons in saving. Some boxes have locks or need to be broken to allow the money to be removed, while others have keys or other locking mechanism meaning a parent has control on when it can be opened.

    The typical sort of money box is a Piggy bank, a plastic, steel or porcelain pig shaped container.

    You won't believe me - if you hear how the name piggy bank came into existence...

    In Middle English, "pygg" referred to a type of clay used for making various household objects such as jars. People often saved money in kitchen pots and jars made of pygg, called "pygg jars". By the 18th Century, the spelling of "pygg" had changed and the term "pygg jar" had evolved to "pig bank."

    This name may have caught on because the pig banks were mostly used by children, and the pig is a child-friendly shape that is easy to fashion out of clay. Once the meaning had transferred from the substance to the shape, piggy banks began to be made from other substances, including glass, plaster, and plastic.

    Another reason for the name piggy bank that has been put forward is based upon the idea that the coins given to the piggy bank represent the food fed to a pig by the farmer. It costs the farmer money to feed the pig which he does not get back until the pig is slaughtered for the meat (represented by breaking the piggy bank) which the farmer can then sell.Labels:

    A first step is showing a child how to earn money. Children can’t learn to manage money if they don’t have any! It can be small to start with; for example, a dollar for each grade of school that the child is in, paid once a week. Encourage them to divide the money between spending, savings, and charitable giving. A new piggy bank can make getting started more fun; there are some you can buy that have separate compartments for different uses of the money.

    Mini Piggy Bank
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    Our large sized personalized piggy bank has plenty of room inside to hold his savings for a new bike, skateboard or maybe for his own car someday! This bank is decorated with dinosaurs. There is a slit in the top so he can put dollar bills and change inside. The bottom has a hole with a removeable cover so he can remove his money when he is ready. We can write his first name on the back side of the bank. We can even include a year. This piggy bank is a unique gift to give for a baby shower, baby gift or birthday present.

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One slot piggy banks have been around for....centuries. But the world has changed. Now we have a highly sophisticated financial system, a system whose complexity has outstripped the ability of most adults, many of whom grapple with credit card debt, even bankruptcy.