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1 X P3 P4G P4U Persona Persona tarot card 23 different cosplay tool shooting (japan import)

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  • The Backlog is in the Eye of the Beholder Game (Developed at DeepAgile Boston 2010) Description Organization and prioritization are two distinct activities that can be used to improve the quality of a product backlog. A simple linear list is difficult to prioritize. As well, many stakeholders are forgotten in the rush to deliver customer value. See example list of stakeholders. The purpose of this game is to expand the view of multiple stakeholders as well as illuminate the value of organizing the work without prioritizing. Learning Points The value of organizing before prioritizing Timing 45 minutes. (Variant: drop a round to shorten) Ingredients The game consists of the following items for each participating team: 1. Persona Cards: (5 x8 cards) There are four persona cards or sheets. Each persona should be copied to a separate card. 2. Story Cards: (3 x5 cards) In this game, the stories consist of a verb and a noun (e.g. Fertilize Crops). There are 18 cards, but more cards can be added. One verb noun grouping should be copied to each card. 3. Category Cards: (3 x5 blank cards - use different colour than story cards) - The category cards are initially blank. A set of blank cards are needed for each round and team. Typically there are around 5 Categories per round. 4. Black Marker: Any pen or felt tip mark should work. This is used for writing on the category cards. One timer is needed in order to time each round and the debrief sessions. Recipe 1. Introduction (5 min) a. Draw simple Product Backlog in Scrum b. Ask participants what it is c. Comment that there is a lot of complexity that may not be best represented by a

    Who are these people? What do they do? What do they want? Using the PERSONA cards offers an opportunity to meet with people of many cultures through play and imagination.

  • is very good dialog to have. And we don't have to solve the problem immediately persona); whole group feedback and having different approaches explore. people with different roles can see backlog items differently - that items on cards describing the roles could be in conflict, a nice division, or all saying the same thing how organizing can lead to or support prioritization but that is a distinct aspect of backlog that should be explored BEFORE attempting to prioritize (w/o regard to organization) allocate stories to persona; don't care stories from persona view I would like to steal this awesome game more about significance of personas and how they influence what way backlog might be interpreted 7 example of the farm and backlog items 8 persona cards w organizing principles and it was good idea to withhold from 1st round 8 keep revisiting stories for each persona 10 speed at which conversations happened; fun! 6 interaction game created 8 low-cost of getting into game; very quick to explain & materials were simple; learning thru iterations; comparing results & finding to other teams; good balance between activity & discussion set your objectives for role cards and think carefully about their bullet points minor cleanup of activity cards; consider impact of order of personas; clarification of producer vs business person or farmer caused confusion for couple of people dependencies among stories maybe more work on personas; also try a multipersona part of exercise

    For us, the Persona Tool took the form of an actual application. We felt this would allow for flexibility and rapid iteration. However, I believe the level of fidelity matters less than simply developing a system that allows the members of your team to record and manage important learnings in a central location and easy-to-update environment. If you want to keep it simple, this can take the form of a Google spreadsheet, Sketch file, or even a set of physical persona cards. We would encourage you to be creative here. Again, the format doesn’t matter as much as the commitment to all use the same tool, and to do so on a regular basis!

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  • It can also be helpful to create a printed deck of proto-persona cards for the executives to use to bring these ideas into any executive meeting, especially the ones where representatives of the UX team are not present.

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