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Peppa and her family return home from holiday in this clip from the series, Peppa Pig.

Schöne Bescherung (Poppig-Peppig-Lustig)

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  • Peppa Pig is the main character in 's story mode, and she can be played from the start. Her favorite season is spring, according to her "Personality & Favorites" tab.

    There was a confusion in the Latin American dub, this is because the series already had a different dubbing, and not is the Discovery Kids Mexican dub. The series was originally dubbed in Venezuela in 2006. The series premiered on Boomerang Kids and transmitted by that channel until 2008, with the name "Peppa Cerdita". This dub was not very accepted and passed unnoticed of issue in 2006. Instead, after the premiere of it on Discovery Kids, a positioning channel and high ratings, the series has already gained acceptance by the public and therefore the Mexican re-dubbing has become best known for most. In the re-dubbing, the name was simplified to Peppa. In the re-dubbing, Peppa was dubbed by , this was her first role in the dub. And in the original dubbing, she was dubbed by .

  • In Spain, Peppa was dubbed by , a Spanish actress with a teenage voice. Their roles in the dubbing are the children and teens. She has worked in advertising, theater and films among others.

    Peppa has undergone changes in voices. First lent her voice to Peppa in the first season. However, in the second season, Peppa was dubbed by . Since the episodes of the third season onwards was dubbed by . In 2011, won a BAFTA award for lending her voice to Peppa.


  • Peppig-und-Holz

    Despite her cuteness and beauty, Peppa sometimes is bad with her friends, her little brother and sometimes their parents, who are always there to correct their discomfort, they are also responsible for instilling values ​​like friendship. She is very loving with their grandparents, they will bring lots of fun things. She also has a good side and a side of panic and fear. In the episode , she is frightened by the noises Santa Claus made down the chimney of her house. In the episode is shown not to be very tolerant, because she always wanted to be alone. In the episode , she gets angry and begins to boast of being the largest. Peppa is also tomboyish, as seen in many episodes. In the upcoming Peppa Pig adult series, Peppa will be the most intelligent out of the Pig family, having an I.Q. of 158.

It's a foggy day in this clip from the series, Peppa Pig.

Have fun helping Peppa jump in muddy puddles. With help from a grown-up, choose the correct muddy puddle that corresponds to the missing letter of the word. This game is a fun way to introduce children to different letter sounds in simple words.